Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Shower Planner

Yes, that is what I have been for the several days how. Planning for my girlfriend's baby shower has been a crazy task (in a good way). Guys, I only have a week to give an over the top, fabulous, one of a kind baby shower for guest of 40 people. Oh Lord!!! I cry for grace now in Jesus name, lol! But I must say the journey has been fun, stressful, overwhelming, and enlightening. This is my first real baby shower that I am planning and with my expense taste, the bill has been getting bigger and bigger. I truly want this shower to be unique and not the average. I rented a hall and an event planner to help me out with decorating the hall. It's going to be teddy bears with building blocks favors on the table as centerpieces, purple and yellow streamers will be everywhere with balloons, an archway at the door with baby items hanging down. The cake.....Oh the cake is a two tier cake with purple, yellow, blue and green foot prints decor with a big purple and yellow bow. Invitations have been sent, games have been established along with the cards to Walmart and gas cards. Food dishes from Nigerian, Italian, and Indian have been order and now I'm just praying that everyone especially the guest of honor will love it and have a good time with lots of laughter.
So I've been busy with work and planning. Other then that, nothing new or out of the ordinary. I hope all is well with all my readers. Thank you for being patience with my blogs. Oh yeah, I moved back in with my husband. That has taken a lot of my time with everything. Repacking, loading the car, etc....mannn..... I guess I'll update you all with that later, but everything is cool or should I say better by the grace of God.
For now, just know where your blessings come from. Remember, acknowledge the Lord your God and He will direct you paths in Jesus name.