Thursday, May 31, 2007


Let's see if I can update since the last blog entry.

My oldest daughter's birthday was May 30th, but we celebrated it on the 29th. We had it at the skating rink. That was an excellent idea! All I had to do was provide the decor for the table and of course cake and ice cream. Oh yeah, she turned the double digits, 10. It turned out really nice. I was worried that no one would show up, then I was worrying that too many people would show up. LOL, after I sent the invitations out to 18 of her soccer team members, I totally forgot to invite our family and very close friends. What was I thinking!!!! We were only allowed to have 24 guest, but we contracted for 16, and whoever extra we would have to pay. I accidentally left out her 2 siblings (what foolishness), her 2 cousins, plus my best friend children (she has 6), plus my older sister's 3 little ones, and my best friend's cousin little daughter, someone from the church, her 3 girls and lastly a girl that lives on the corner of our circles that plays with my daughter. Oh man...I was sweating bullets and praying to God that it will work out. The Lord put peace in my heart about the "overflow" of guest, but I was still worrying a little. Needless to say it all worked out. Yes we went over, 20 guest all together. It was all good. It was fun watching my daughter laughing and skating with her friends. Did I skate? Ha, you betcha! I haven't skated in years, but I sure did that night. Let's just say I didn't fall, but my poor baby daddy fell several times. It was funny.

Ok, now at the party there was a mom there asking me why were the phone numbers different from the soccer roster #. Most bloggers should know that my husband and I are separated. So I let the lady know that my hubby and I were separated due to things that happened. As I was telling her, tell me why her eyes whelped up with fake tears (I can tell if it's fake or not). What the heck was that about?! As I was trying to explain in a simple way without putting my business out there, I was thinking to myself, "honey, you just don know the half, the abuse I had to go through was ugly....." So when I told her whatever, she looked at me with the fake tears and said the statement that I'm so tired of hearing, "But the children." I'm thinking to myself, "lady, you are right, my children didn't need to see that, my children don't need to live in an unhealthy environment, my children need not to hear my husband and I fight like dogs, my children don't need to see mommy crying every night, my children don't need to hear the verbal and emotional abuse from their father, my children shouldn't be asking me every other day, "mommy why are you sad?", or "mommy don't cry". But you know, I didn't say that to her, I just looked at her and said nicely, "you know, the children are fine." People! Someone like that hasn't' been through anything, you know? Come on, if she walked 6 months in my shoes, she would have had a different view.

Any event, I'm free for this weekend. Children free. Baby daddy will be having them for the weekend. YEAHHHHH!!!! I love these breaks. So needful. So what do I do on these kid free weekends? LOL, well, let's just say, MOMS GONE WILD! My sister and I came up with that title, of course you know it's from GIRLS GONE WILD, but we changed ours up. When her and mine baby daddy comes to pick up the kids and they drive off, we yell out, "MOMS GONE WILD!" and start screaming and running around the house. After we calm down, we ask each other what are we going to do. She'll say, let's do something big....let's go to Wal-Mart. Then I'll say, "nahhh, let's do it over the top this weekend, let's go to SUPER Wal-Mart. For the most part, we catch up on laundry, go to stores in peace, eat out, and watch adult movies (no, no, not that, movies that have cursing, you know rated R). When you have little ones including my 10 year old and 6, you have to be extra careful what they see on TV. You can't enjoy a good grown-up movie with kids running all around you hollering, spilling juice, or asking you 50 million questions that they already know the answer too. Don't let them get a glimpse of the movie, oh dear, here comes the questions, "mommy, what is he doing?, mommy, why did he hit her?, mommy, is he dead?, but why mommy?, mommy, why are they chasing him? mommy, why did he rip her shirt off?, mommy, he said a bad word, mommy, what are they trying to do?" Yeah, after a while you just turn off the movie and turn to Noggin, Nick Jr. or some kid friendly show.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beyond Exhausted!

This is ridiculous! I'm beat, tired, pooped, feet swollen, and I need a break. Exams went well. TGBTG (to God be the glory) I passed the law and math part of the real estate exam. Now I have to take the sales course and I'll be done. Personal life is good. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the mommy's, love yall much. I'll be posting again soon. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking well. My girlfriend and I went to the Embassy of Nigeria to take care some business in DC. Tell me why....why, did our embassy of the motherland look not so great. Stuff like that bothers me. We should have been representing like no other. We should have out shined the rest, you know. Instead it looked like an abandon old orphanage building. Sup wit dat?!!! That was my second time going there and I have a feeling it won't be my last. This sister is filled with visions and dreams. Ghana and Nigeria are on my list.
Any event I'll be continuing later with my world.
One luv to all