Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shopping Online

Nothing new going on. Family is fine, job is fine and I'm fine. So what's really going on? Nothing. Just watching my husband play that dang on PS3 . Between the football games, Socom, and him holding that stupid controller when he should be holding me, I figure this is what my married life is going to be about, lol, just kidding.

So you know what my "thing" is? SHOPPING online and I love it. It's the best of both worlds. Funny, I remember the day I said that I would NEVER shop online, are you CRAZY... the thought of having my personal credit info on a website made me cringe! I remember my first purchase. It was these BEBE one of a kind sandals. Boy, did I have to have them. I first saw these sandals at the Jersey Garden Mall, but like always, my popular shoe size 8 1/2 were all taken. So I checked it out online and viola! I made the purchase online...nervous, but did it. Then I realized, hey this shopping online thing isn't bad, and it's SAFE! I mean, hey, I still love to hit the malls, flea markets, boutiques, or whatever else that requires two legs and next thing you know, I'm surfing like crazy. Eye candy galore and having a wish list like no other with this whole shopping online. Remember, I love shoes! Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. It's an obsession of mines. I will pay a pretty penny for shoes. However, clothes...not really. I mostly shop at JCPenny's when they have their 75% off sale. I brought a 3 pc suit for $5.97 @ JCP (very nice quality), now see.....that's how I do, so when I do see something pricey, I don't feel bad buying it because for my clothes I pay little to nothing. Cream trousers from JCP, $4.97, and I get compliments every time I wear them. Remember accessories is the key to bring out your outfit.

The pic in my gist are the latest pair of boots that I brought....I can't wait to rock these babies! They are Ralph Lauren Pia Patent Canvas Boots. The original price were $1200 and I cried like a baby...weeks later I wanted to look at them again and tell me why they were on sale for $400, then they dropped the price down to $315!!!! Come on bloggers, that's a steal! No I didn't have the money, but I sure do have a credit card! LOL!!!!! I had to treat myself to those boots. I hardly never do anything special for me, I always sacrifice for my family, and put others first, plus, after all the hell I have been through, I decided to buy those expensive boots. I will wear them loud and proud. It felt good buying those boots!

My girlfriend thinks shopping online is pure crazy. I used to think the same thing, but she doesn't know what she's missing. My only suggestion is that if the website looks suspect/very generic, then don't fool with it. One website wanted my credit card info first and I didn't give it. Remember, there are other websites that carry whatever you are looking for.


-You can look at over 100 different styles of clothing/shoes/ accessories in minutes without hurting feet and stomach growling, or hassle of the nonsense, i.e. cashier with attitude, etc....

-You can take your time without people rushing you

-Even though you may not like something, you can get ideas on how to put certain pieces together, I LOVE IT!!!!!

-If they don't have it at the store, then check online and I guarantee you 9x out of 10 it will be there.


-You pay shipping and handling fees even if it's just $5.oo, you might end up paying $10.00.

-You might receive an item that is defected...just send it back and re-order.

-Out of stock! or Discontinue on an item.....I hate that!
-You can not try on the clothes to see if it cut small or if it's a perfect fit. But their size chart is legit.

Here are some sites I go to on the reg. I hope you all enjoy looking as much as I do. These are not all the sites...but maybe I'll add more later. Ladies, aside from JCP, this is where I mostly shop. If you can go to the BEBE outlet, then GO!!! I LOVE BEBE!!! OMG!!!!! I love their jewerly, accessories, and shoes. No, I haven't purchased, yet, but I do have my eye on their belt. I just may treat myself. I love their jeans, shoes, etc... I LOVE NINE WEST never brought anything, but I like to look at their bags I purchased items from them several times and was well