Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm back in the Market (almost)

Last night the guy from the school district called me to get my information so I can continue to substitute. I was really shocked that he called. Do you know how long I've been trying to reach these people. That was cool. Tomorrow I will be going in 9am on the dot for a meeting. Yahhhh! To add to the goodness, I just signed up for that Real Estate Math courses which will be in 2 weeks. I"m going to nail all these courses. After the math I'll be taking the Real Estate Sales and Law, I believe the Law course is next. Good thing my husband is a math teacher. He will definitely be helping me out with the math.

I have been fasting from meats still and I have never felt better. The funny thing is that I don't even desire to eat meat. We order a pepperoni pizza Sunday (I wasn't cooking) and even though I took the pepperoni off I still didn't like the smell and the grease taste that it left on the pizza. Wow! You all don't understand, I used to be a pepperoni pizza freak, so for that to happen I really surprised myself. I'm supposed to get some blood work done since I turned 30, and I haven't' done it yet. I wanted to lose a good 25lbs before I go in for this. I know, I know, I need to stop the mess and just do it. My curves membership ends Feb. 10th, so I will be taking advantage just about everyday.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I thought the Unemployment Office would help Me

Yes, I'm looking for a job still and it's been exactly 2 1/2 years on this job search. I want the "right" job position. No more setting, no more 2nd shift or 3rd shift (I want to enjoy my children), no more underpay. I am well qualified to do these "fancy" job positions but because my experience is less then 3 years these people aren't even trying to listen or better yet give me an interview.
A friend of mine suggested that I go to the employment office to see if I could get an unemployment checks and if they would pay for classes. Good idea! I"m psyche, and there's hope. Oh wait! Let me back up. My mom and I have been talking about taking Real Estate classes at Del Tech. I wanted to see if the Dept. of Labor would pay for these classes, so that was my "motive".
Ok so I went and registered with the employment services. Didn't take long. I was looking around at people while I was putting my information. It's funny, you have all different races, cultures, genders, backgrounds, and we all have something in common....."WE NEED A JOB!!!"
Well I asked the assistant about their program that pays for classes and I proceeded to ask about Real Estate classes and unfortunately she said that class is not on their list. All is well. So then I went to the Unemployment office to see if a sister could receive some checks! On my way there this recruiter tried to recruit me, NOT. Can you imagine me in the Military, HA! Now that's funny. Don't get me wrong the Military have excellent benefits and my dad is retired military so I'm not hating. However that is not me. They'll send me to Iraq with the swiftness. Me being me, I'll probably make friends with the enemies, LOL. Showing them how to fry fish and cornbread soul food style. Anyway I took a number and sat down. The number on the screen was 32 and I had number 51. From there I was thinking. I rather start substitute teaching again and receive a decent check. The pay for a sub is $84/day if you have a degree, if you have a high school diploma it's $64. I over heard a conversation behind me how this girl did receive a check and it was for $80 something dollars. I'm thinking, "that's it?! I'll be better off just contacting the the human resources for the school district and just reapply." So I got up and left and did just that.
Mom and I are suppose to sign up tomorrow for the real estate class which starts Feb. 6th for the math section. I'm a little excited. I have no idea what God has up his sleeves for me, but I do know that it's something AWESOME. This is my YEAR! All that I have waited and prayed for, this is the year for it to be manifested, AMEN! God has not forgotten, He has heard all of our prayers and knows our heart desires and He will surely bring them all to pass in Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, January 15, 2007

4 Day Weekend Without the Kids, WOW!!!

My older sister volunteered to watch my children for the Martin Luther King weekend. NICENESS. After watching her 3 children and my younger sister's 2 boys often, I needed the break. Oh yeah, I also care for my grandmother too, off and on, along with my 3 children. Yeah, stay at home mom's are sometimes busier then the regular secular jobs. Last Friday my kids didn't have school so my sister, mom, and I went to Virginia to drop off my kids. It went well, 4 hour drive, not bad. Ok so you would think my husband and I would have "big" plans since we won't be seeing our little ones til Monday evening, HA! We woke up Saturday morning and Donovan suggested to go to Cowtown (flea market) in New Jersey. Fine, sounds good, we are children less for the weekend. It was a quick ride going to NJ and it never felt sooooooo good not having to do any motherly duties while being at the flea market. Not having to hear, "are we there yet," "I have to go to the bathroom," "I want that," "I'm hungry!", "but you always say "not this time" mommy!" and my all time favorite, "my feet/legs hurt (from long hours of walking)". My husband and I just walked and took our time looking at items we won't buy, lol. It was fun having a conversation without being interrupted by a 5, 6, or 10 year old. Cowtown was nice like always. They have everything from A-Z. Cowtown has the best knock-off 4 star replicas to name brand house hold cleaning products. Donovan brought some cologne. That Polo Black and Giorgio Armani cologne which is off the hook (smells really good). The total came to $65 and mind you these are the large bottles of cologne. At the mall you will at least be paying $65 or more for one small bottle. The dude that sells these smell goods look like he is from India, but come to find out he's from Pakistan. I felt bad because I was calling him "Shamir," (not to his face). Oh come on, don't act like you don't do it either. When I first told my hubby about the cologne man, I gave him my personal name, "Shamir" (assuming that he was from India). So when we saw him Saturday my husband asked him his name. His name is Tone. Donovan teased me because he was like, "what if Tone looked at you and called you Tunde or some African name?" We both laughed, yeah, I think we all do it once in a while. I did feel bad, all that time I called him "Shamir". Well, you know something, I don't just do it with other cultures, I even do it with my own kind. If I see a black guy and there is something about him what I want to talk about to whoever I'm with then I'll call him "Leroy", and you know I'm very sure some people look at me and think, "there goes Shaniqua", or some ghetto black name. If he's white, then I'll call him "Chad", if she's white I'll call her "Becky", I think it so funny. It's all good people, no I"m not prejudice. If he's Chinese then I'll call him "Lee", prime example; when we were at the market "Lee" was frying up some mean stir fry, boy was it smelling good. I think you get the point.

Ok so for the weekend it really would have been ideal to do a serious deep cleaning in the house, right? NOT. My husband and I were so busy doing NOTHING we never got around to it. We enjoyed every bit of doing "nothing". It was fun too. Just laying around, stinking up the house, lol. We pretty much had take-out everyday, ahhh, like college life. Instead of cleaning we just stepped over, kicked, walked on, pushed or moved whatever to the side that was in our way. I am well rested and later this week I will clean up the house like no one's business. Oh yeah, we did watch rental movies. Snakes on a Plane (stupid movie), Fearless (that was good), and Akeela (msp) and the Bee (that was really good).

In life it doesn't take a lot of money to have a good time. It's the good company and food that make it memorable. When you have good company that can make you laugh til you pop and tasty food even if it's cheese and crackers, it's just a priceless moment that can only be recaptured in your mind. Life is short. Enjoy the little things, slow down, don't take anyone or anything for granted. Stop chasing things that are replacable and embrace love ones or things (time, and love) that you can't replace.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nigerian Fashion

Cross section of Iyas..gele....gele everywhere

Where do I even begin. When it comes to fashion, Nigerians are in my top 3 pick. Americans really haven't seen real fashion, styles, and flamboyant threads. I get upset sometimes because truth be told we (black Americans) were robbed from this. Really. We took on the Anglo-Saxons style/culture. Jeans, jeans, t-shirts and more jeans with sneakers. Oh, and if we are really feeling good, we'll bust out a suit. I feel robbed cuz when I see my fellow African sister wearing all these different attires, I thinking to myself teach me, show me, buy me some, and hook a sista up. I went to this one Nigerian wedding not knowing what to expect. I just knew it was going to be fun and different from the regular traditional american wedding. I was a bridesmaid and we all were wearing gold. Honestly, I just knew I was the bomb! I just knew I was doing it! Even my family was complimenting me. Hair (weave) was nice and wavy, very light make-up, accessories just right. So it's time for the wedding to start and all I can say is that I enjoyed looking at the guest more then I did the wedding. These Nigerians don't play, ok. I'm mean every color from under the rainbow. It was like being in the King's Palace. Geles, and aso-okes (I misspelled) from top to bottom. Man, I thought I was cute, but when I saw them I felt like a little servant girl begging for a crumb. They put me to shame. I was floored and very impressed! I even tried to buy such an attire from the "Chinese" shop (don't laugh, I didn't know any better), but it wasn't authentic, it was a generic cheesy looking replica. When I tried it on and came out of the dressing room, this one dude face was looking like, "what the heck?!" He even said to the Chinese store manager, "hey man! That don't even look right on her!" I was embarrassed (I'm giggling as I type). I looked like a fake Houdini. Oh well, I know I'll find the right people to sell me such goods.

Also at the wedding they were placing money on my girlfriend I believe it's called "spraying". Now that was really cool. She was laughing and I was trying to catch eye contact with her indicating "DON"T STOP DANCING!!!" "GET ALL THE MONEY YOU CAN GET GIRL!!!" She was tired of dancing (lazy american), and I was trying to root her on. Mannnn, dem Nigerians never did stop dancing, heck not even a water break. Once you on that dance floor it's either do or die. I was squatting half the time picking up the money from off the ground for her, me and 2 other girls, but they later left. I mean they were lined up to spray her and her new husband. After a while I was thinking, "why don't I just sit on the floor and pick up the money that way?" I didn't' want to get stomped on, so that plan was quickly erased. I had so much fun. Even the big boned women were dancing without breaking a sweat. They were dipping down to the ground with the HIGHEST heels on. I'm done! There is no excuse for me. I'm young. I need to practice. I never been so impressed in my life. I too was laughing and sweating like a pig. I had wads of money in my hand wishing it was mines (hehehee). I just knew my girl was going to give me a piece of the pie, but she didn't. It was her and her husband's special day.

When I got home, my feet were actually talking, more so crying. I didn't know feet could cry. That's how bad my feet were hurting. I had to walk on my heels and the next day my feet were just plain cramped up!

Here are some of my favorite pics of Nigerian fashion. However I'm not to crazy about the Peter Pan looking hat, but it's still HOTT!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Birthday was a Hit!!!

Gees I'm tired. Man! Anyway, yesterday the birthday was terrific! My older sister Marlette and her family came up from VA for the party. Again she was asking about the cake, lol, yeah, all went well concerning that matter. Brandy came through, and I picked up the 3 tier cake like 2am Sunday morning. The cake was beautiful and BIG. God is too good, mind you I'm working with a budget of $0. I wanted PINK roses to go on the top of the cakes and on the bottom for decoration, right, well I didn't have the funds to do that so I figured something will work out later on. Well when I went to pick up the cake, Brandy said, "oh here, I brought these pink roses for you so you can decorate the top of the cakes if you wanted to use them." So I'm thanking God in my heart. It's the little things like that when God does things, it touches my heart so and that He is real. God knows your situation and He will give you the desires of your heart of you just release all the areas in your life. Be still and know that He is God. So anyway early that day Marlette and her husband went to Sam's Club to buy the food. It was dungeons crab legs, corn on the cob, shrimps, and something else (I forgot). The children were going to have spaghetti with dinner rolls since all of them doesn't eat seafood. Since I'm fasting from meats I had spaghetti w/out the meat. You know something, I didn't even miss the meat. I was good and full. Needless to say the party was a hit. My mom was more then surprise because her birthday isn't' til Jan.13th. My sisters did a great job with the decorations, the colors were pink, silver and white. Black is too depress looking for a 6oth bash. I performed my mini concert for her and mom was laughing sooooo hard. First we did Stevie Wonder, "Isn't she Lovely." I gave my sisters the words to the song so they could sing along with me. So this is what I did, when the music started I came downstairs. I had on black top with dark sun shades and my hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I had the harmonica in my pocket, and I planned on using the cane, but when I held it in my hand, I just started to feel very uncomfortable, and uneasy aerie feeling. I don't know why, so I just left the cane alone. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I started rocking side to side like Stevie Wonder does and proceeded over to the keyboard. Everyone was laughing and I was cheesing. My sisters sang beautifully like always and I was playing the keyboard. Then when the harmonica part came on I quickly moved in front of my sisters and pulled out the harmonica and started playing. OHHHH, they really started laughing. My dad, mom, husband and my brother-in-law were crying, it was that funny, but all the children where looking at me like I was crazy and confused. Ok so remember Stevie Wonder is blind, so when I finished, I had my hand out trying to find my way back to the keyboard. They were laughing and so was I. My mom loved the performance. After that I quickly ran up the stairs to get ready for my next "concert." Ahhh yes, I've been waiting for this one all day, Pattie La Belle! I was excited! I put on the stockings, the big fluffy slip, a ball gown, heels, shawl and I pinned my hair up in a very high bun like Pattie did back in the day. I went in the bathroom to put on my make. By then I was sweating like a horse (do horses sweat?) Yall know what I mean. I had to keep wiping the sweat off my face so I could put the foundation on. I left the fake eye lashes at my house and my makeup bag, DANG, oh well, I did use my other sisters makeup. Putting on the costume jewelry was easy but putting on the fake LONGGGGG curled nails, now that was aggravating! I accidentally glued my fingers together and had to snatch them apart, now that HURT! Fast forward. So I called my sister up and told her I was ready. I got my son's toy microphone and headed downstairs. Now this was going to be funny. If anyone every watch Pattie La Belle perform back in the day when her hair was spiked all up, she put on a SHOW. Twirling all around, kicking off her shoes, you know I'm hyped. The song came on and my mom was still clueless. I came in the room and mom was laughing hard already (cuz I looked crazy). The song was "You are my Friend" I was hitting high and low notes, twirling around, kicking my legs out here and there, rolling on the couch, squatting like a duck, my arms out flying like an eagle and EVERYBODY were in tears. My one of my fake nails popped off and my husband captured it on tape (that was funny). During the performance my bun stuffing from my hair (which was a body wash sponge that I used to make my hair bun big and higher) fell out when I did the 2nd twirl. By then every one's face was pale from laughter even my hubby's' (he's very, very dark skin). You guys, I was out of breath! How do these performers do it?! I mean I was breathing hard, now I really see why you have to be in shape. Sweat was running all down my face, my heart was running fast, I need to lose this weight cuz I'm out of shape. Again, the children were looking at me (auntie) like I was a crazy fool. Yes I have pictures, but too embarrassed to put them up, but maybe I'll post up the Stevie Wonder act. So it was very funny. My dad said that he is soooo glad that he knows me before I become famous (he was joking). My youngest daughter wasn't happy. She kept asking why was I doing that. "Why mommy, why do you have this on, I don't like it, why, why mommy?!" It's kinda hard explaining to a 5year old, (she just turned 5). Mom said it was better then Pattie La Belle and not even Pattie could have performed for her the way I did. That was nice, very nice. It made me feel really good. And it shows that money isn't always the answer.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I'm Tired

Boy I'm tired. Sleepy. Stomach feels weird. I think it's the stomach virus. I had my nephew over last night and his poop was irregular and it had that funny smell. Yeck! Yup, it's the virus, dang! I did spray Lysol around the house.
Things are going well with mom's birthday and all. Brandy called to confirm the making of the cake which was cool. My sis Marlette was a lil worried (which I didn't blame her) cuz she was saying, "you know how black people are" that's shame, but I totally understand you know. Marlette just wanted to know if she should buy a "back up" cake just if in case. I'll be picking up the cake 2night. Brandy was saying that they had a wedding to go to @3pm.
I plan on cutting all my hair off. That's right, all of it. It will be like Pam from Total, remember that singing group with Puff Daddy? Well I used to wear my hair like that when I lived in South Carolina and everyone was saying that I looked like Nia Long. I lie not, it felt good hearing that, I thought she was radiant. Cutting off the past, hurt, pain, memories, it can be a new me shining forth. I didn't want to but you know how the Lord prompts something on your heart. I'll know later He'll give me the full revelation of cutting off the hair. I also know that it's a sign of you either going through serious hard times OR you came out of that serious hard trials/tribulation. For me it's that I came OUT and it was with victory.
Ok, I decided to also not just do Pattie LaBelle, but also Stevie Wonder. I'll do him first. I'm going to wear a simple black blazer with a white shirt and black tie and have some shades on, hair slick back with a cane. I'll be singing to my mom "Isn't she lovely," and I'll be playing the harmonica. I'm still looking for one. We had like 5 laying around the house, and now I need it, I can't find it. I hate that. Anyway, after that I'll change into the Pattie La Belle attire and then I'll sing to my mom a Happy Birthday song, but first I'll start out singing "You are my Friend," then I'll end it with a Happy B-day song.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


My membership for Curves (women's gym) will be up the end of March I believe. So I need to get it crackin. Nahh, I wouldn't want to sign up with them again. They were good, however I would like to go to a real gym. Curves did help me to get motivitved because once a month they weigh and measure you. When you go, you have to be careful not to talk and have the game face on. This is what I mean. Curves excerise equipment is close together so if someone next to you starts up a conversation or even across from you it's like it breaks your exercise momentum. Now your chatting up a breeze, and not working out to your full potential. Then when you get done, it's like you did nothing. I like to feel the burn to know that a muscle is getting it's workout. However Curves' is a great motivator. After this, I want to kick it up a notch, or two...maybe three.

Just stuff

Ok so time is flying with this whole mom's birthday ordeal. It's all good, however I don't think I'm ready. No Dj, and no hotel (honestly that's what I would like for my birthday, I don't think my mom cares about that, really people). However there will be lots of food still and family, that's what mom wants. My sister and I spoke about the Patti thing and she told me to go online to see if I could get a signed autograph. Yup, found one and it's cute too, autographed and cost $50. Not bad but if you don't have money like that then it could be or might be a bit much. Dunno, we'll see. As for the 3 tier cake, God is good. Mind you I'm working with a little to tiny budget. I was going to use my credit card (like always), but I'm tired of using that wicked thing, lol. So I prayed to God and asked to provide a way for the 3 tier cake to be done, FAVOR LORD PLEASE!!!!! Check this, later that day I called a friend of mine up to wish her and her family a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. So we talked a little and I was telling her that my sisters and I were planning a b-day party for my mom. I also told Brandy that I really wanted to have a 3 tier cake for my mom. Well out of no where Brandy said, "I'll do it!" I was like "what?!" Mind you I forgot she made her own 7 tier wedding cake and it was DELICIOUS! So I was like, "are you serious?" Brandy was like "yeah girl, it's no problem, I just need to buy some butter." Then I almost messed up my blessing, have you ever done that before? Then I was like, "no, no, you don't have to do that, it's ok." Stupid huh? And then I said it again, "Brandy, you don't have too." But thank God she wouldn't listen to me. Sista girl was persistent and wouldn't take my no. Oh, my mom's birthday is Jan. 13th, but we are celebrating it Jan. 7th cuz her and my dad have a wedding to go to on the 13th, and the only time we all can meet up is the 7th.

My dad hinted to me that he sent a check in the mail for me. So I'm happy right? Usually it could be anywhere from $100-$300 dollars. I'm pumped cuz I sure do need the money. So the check came in yesterday and I opened it with my eyes half closed (I do that on purpose so my anxiety level isn't too high), I looked slowly at the numbers and my eyes popped open when I saw it. "WHAT?!!?" You got to be kidding me, is this man serious?!! Ten dollars! $10 dollars! No, this can't be. This has to be a mistake! I'm confused, I'm feeling light headed, where are my glasses because I know I'm reading it wrong, it's suppose to say $100 not $10. The bank made a mistake! Well, well, well...I was hurt. I had the sad face foreal. I had to repent for not being apprecitative. After I calmed down, the Lord showed me that it's a seed. So I'll be sowing that seed Sunday. You know faithful over few, faithful over many. Right.

These stores are a trip. They already have Valentine stuff out. Gee whiz, I could understand if it's the end of Jan. Donovan and I anniversary is Feb. 14th. That's right on Valentine's Day. That's what he wanted. I told him he did that on purpose so he wouldn't forget our anniversary and plus I felt like he was trying to kill two birds with one stone. I'm not mad at a brother, it was smart. It will be 10 years, yeah, the 10 year mark. Wow, that's a long time to be married in these days. I hate to say it, but after all the hell he put me through I'm really not that excited, you know. He doesn't get it sometimes. It's really going to take God to get his eyes open, you can't live on both sides of the fence. You either hot or cold. So any event, I'm not looking or expecting anything from him. I don't even want a card. That day I know I will get b4 God and thank Him for keeping me through all the stuff that I went through. It was God who kept me. I had every right to divorce and even some of my christian friends were like, "you have the right more then enough to divorce him." I knew that, but you know the Lord had to show me that when we took our vows that I wasn't making them to my husband, but I made them to God. I promised God through the good, bad, rich, poor, etc...that I will be with him. So I had to ask the Lord for more grace and love to be with my husband cuz he really hurted me bad, very bad. I know God will reward me for standing in prayer, and believing and trusting the Lord through it all. It wasn't easy people, but "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." When you take your vows you have to keep in mind what Christ did for us, and He never left us when we cheated on God, u know. Well it's over. The pain, hurt, anguish, shame, and all that crying it's over. I did all I could, interceding, fasting, praying. Yes, he did get better much better but there were still somethings that Donovan had to do on his part like confession to God and break soul ties with the ungodly things of this world. I can't make Donovan confess or renounce those things. It goes to show you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Well, the Lord already told me what was to come concerning my husband, and God confirmed it many times. So I'm just preparing and resting on God's promises.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Birthday Quest

I planned this beautiful 60th birthday party for my mom. The party to be held at the Sheraton Hotel with a DJ and all. I'm buying this gorgeous pink and green (mom's sorority colors) India sari. The cake is going to be 3 tiers, like a wedding cake, but the top of the cake will have the number 60th with decor. Then I planned on contacting Pattie La Belle, yes, I will. Since Pattie La Belle has been my mother's favorite all time singer, I figured it would be soooooo cool to see if she could send an autograph picture or even sing Happy Birthday to my mother. I could see my mother's face if Patti La Belle was to walk in the room singing Happy Birthday. She would be screaming, busting all of our ear drums. Tears will be like uncontrolled rivers running down her face. She deserves it all. Mom sacrifice a lot for us. Sounds good, huh? Now if only Patti could write me back, lol I did try and send a email to her, however they said that she was no longer accepting any new fans, bummer. Anyways...this is what my sisters and I planned. I will be getting the 3 tier cake, my sis in DC, Marley, will be getting a sari and prepare the seafood (mom's fav food). My other sis, will be doing the decorations. About that Patti La Belle thing, well, since I couldn't even contact or get a free picture with autograph, I decided to dress up as Patti. Yup, you read right. I will have on the fake long nails, heels, loads of make-up with the fake eye lashes, a big wig (that sticks up in the air), and I'm sure I have sometime outfit that would put this whole ensemble together. I'll borrow my son's toy microphone, and I'll make a big entrance singing Happy Birthday to her. I'm sure she'll be floored. I just need to practice those high notes that Miss Pattie can hit. I know my dad is going to record it on the cam. It should be funny. I'm excited to see how it's going to turn out.
What on earth happen to winter? It's been warm this whole holiday. I was a bit disappointed, gee whiz. That dang on Colorado hogging up all the snow, not fair.
So it seems as though Delaware is acting slow with providing jobs. This never used to be a problem. It's been ridiculous! Even the temp services said that this is the slowest that they have ever been. When I asked to see what did they have available, it was a "labor" position at Kraft, BURMPPP! Wrong answer, I'm not working at the factory. I did that in college, Playtex and Sunroc (water coolers). I'll never forget working at Playtex. Boy talk about redundant!!!! My job was to either box the tampons, stack the tampons, count the tampons, watch the tampons or hot glue the boxes for the tampons. CRAZY, but the money was good. It was funny because I would go home smelling like scented tampons (sweet roses), lol.
My thing is, I'm not settling anymore. I could understand if we were dead broke and stuff getting turned off in the house, then I would take the job. However that's not the case. I've been a stay at home mommy now for 6yrs, and I'm more ready then ever to start working again. I did do home daycare for 2 1/2yrs during that time. It was cool, I did love it. Well this time I'm looking for a office position that has potential for promotion, etc...
While I'm still looking I need to take advantage of this time and hit the gym or either pop in good ole Billy Blanks. I will...I will....soon...very soon....

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New You

Let this year 2007 be a complete new you. Although things may not change around you, change on how you perceive things..
Change the attitude, and have more hope.

Ok, so right b4 the clock struck 12, I was eating everything insight. Seriously, I was about to bust my spleen if I didn't slow down. I vowed this year that I will not be eating meats (just for a season). Please, it's really needful. All these years of pumping chemicals and unknown hormones in my body from chicken, red meat, and seafood, mannn my body needs the break. Today I started and honestly I don't miss the meats (so far). Yeah, yeah, I do have some weight I need to lose as well (don't we all). I have allowed the cares and pressure of the world over the last 3 years get to me and now I'm paying for it. Some people lose weight when they are stressin, but moi, HA, it's the total opposite.
2006 I kept an eye out on who was calling me. See this is the thing. I have A LOT of associates that I call every now and then, but they don't call me. Well, I'm tired of that because I want to know who are really my friends or who have some type of concern for me. I not carrying around dead weight anymore. So I told myself in the beginning of 2006 that whoever doesn't call me by Dec. 31 2006, I will no longer have them in my address book or I'll delete them from my cell phone (which isn't on, I just use it as a electronic add. book). However I did make all my calls like I usually do to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and that call was basically a "hint, hint I"m still living, call a sista sometimes, cuz I'm about to let you go." Well needless to say, my top ten fav. ppl did call me through out the year, I was happy. You know, sometimes you need a shift with the people you hang out with. I know the ones that didn't call me, well, it's like we no longer have the same interests or we just grew apart...usually I try to keep them around, but FOR WHAT?! You know. Besides I did pray to God that if anyone or relationship isn't good for me then cut it off. I need people around me who will help me in a positive way.

My mom's 60th birthday is the 13th of this month. My sisters and I are still trying to figure out what we are going to do, I hope we pull it together. Later on that.

Anyways I proclaim that this year will be wonderful and exciting with good things.