Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding Website

This is too cute. I have been watching everyone elses wedding website and I just recieve a note on Facebook of my cousin's T.J. wedding website.

I was too thrilled. He will be getting married to his true love March 6, 2010.

Now, as you all know, I am a Nigerian Wedding Website Junkie like no other. The colors, geles, music (I love the song Oloo Mi by Tosin Martins and No One Be Like You, lol), and the culture of everything is AMAZING! Nigerians put their all and all into it. From unique creative wedding cakes to spraying, I love it all.

However, because we (T.J. and I) are American, I can't expect that his wedding website will be the bomb. Americans don't have that flair and funk, but I have seen that we try to step our game up, but still no match with the Nigerians. No need to even compare my cousin's website to a Naija wedding website. It would be a disgrace, lol. However! On the other hand, it is the story that makes their wedding website special. How they met is truly God send and amazing! You all have to read this story. It seems as though God took T.J's hand and his this girfriend -to- be hand and literally put it together. That what makes this wedding website special.

God has something special for each and every one of you, don't give up. He also have many blessings for you on this journey of life. Receive by faith and don't allow the devil to steal your joy!

Check it out!

Lady A

It's Official!

Remember when I said I was going to set the Golden Wives Club blog back to private when summer is over. Well summer is over and guess what! I will keep it open instead of private. Why? Because more are reading then when what I anticipated. I purposely kept a counter down at the bottom of the blog to keep track of how many were probably reading. Well, since I had it open at all, there have been approximately 15-75 readers every other day. I remember one day there was close to a hundred that stopped by the blog, wow!

If set on private, then I am only allowed 100 guest with their emails. That's too many emails to be asking for and keeping track of!

Also, we now have a couple of men reading! We wives most definitely want their opinions and advice.

So needless to say, I will keep it open. I want all to read, enjoy and take whatever they can from the blog on their journey of wife hood.
So enjoy everyone!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Peer Pressure At 30

I thought peer pressure was over when I left high school and college. I felt like that young girl in school being pressured over some nonsense all over again at this party my husband and I went to.

We went to my husband's cousin surprise birthday party which was okay. Before I get started, this was my ONLY night off from work from 3rd shift, so I already was tired and wanted to stay home, eat ice cream and watch movies with the family. I say the party was ok because we were instructed to be there on time, before the birthday girl arrives. So we did. I had in my mind that everything would be ready and set when we got there. Not! When we arrived to the hostess house, she was still cooking wearing her dirty sweats, hair and face not done. I was thinking, "what the heck?!" I hate this people. I guess I'm getting older because my tolerance level for these things are very low now. If you tell me to be somewhere for a party or what have you and you are not ready yourself, I will get a little sour. Now I'm reasonable, if something came up or emergency, then that's different. I have heart people, but you get me.

Needless to say the party didn't start til an hour later of the schedule time. Black people!

The first thing the host's friend wanted to do was for everyone to take a shot. I don't drink people and guess what, neither does the Birthday girl. So who's idea was this? The DRINKERS! Which is fine and I'm not bashing them, but heck, do that at YOUR party. They tried to force me and the birthday girl to take a nasty shot of Bacardi 151 and some other crap. It was a game where everyone gets a number and if the host pulls your number then you have to take a shot. They did this every 7 mins. Everyone participated but birthday girl, my hubby and I. The biggest guy at the party was choking and tapping out with water filled in his eyes. He called it paint remover. He couldn't even talk. I was thinking, "ok people, you guys find what joy in this?" Is it just me bloggers, readers, anonymous? Everyone was laughing at the foolishness of someone else witnessing taking this nasty potion . Some were running to the sink to put water in their mouth or guzzling down Red Bull to knock of the pain and some even were chopping down on sub sandwiches to soak up the poison out of their throat. This one lady was sucking lemons with Margarita salt to "put her throat back to pieces" as she said.

But that was not the peer pressure.

It was this game...this sex game they all wanted us to participate in using the balloons. Already I'm thinking, "ohhh lorddd."

The game goes like this. You and your partner take a balloon and try to pop them in sexual positions, BUT you have to do it in a certain order. Now usually God always bails me out of stupid stuff like this and right when hubby and I were about to leave the party someone yelled out, "when are we going to do the balloon game!" Dang it! That's when they told us we couldn't leave until we do the game. So hubby and I asked to see how it goes. The host and her boyfriend demonstrated. In front of everyone, he took a chair and sat down with the balloon on his crotch. She sat on the balloon bouncing up and down trying to pop it...ok, funny yet nasty....then they got up and face each other chest to chest with the balloon in the middle trying to pop it, ok, whatever....the next position was too much....then he bent her over (like doggy style) and had the balloon as if it was his penis, thrusting her hard trying to pop the balloon.

I'm done people! When they were doing this, everyone was yelling, "ohhhhh, woooowww, aahhhhh." I felt so violated and defiled just from watching. No I'm not goody goody, but that was so not me. Then to make it all the more worse, they had a CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready to take pictures. WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE, ok, so let me get this are going to take pictures of hubby and I groping over a balloon to post of Facebook, let's be real, they were going to post those pics somewhere. My hubby being a high school math teacher and I have a reputation to keep as a classy lady. HELL NO!!!!! I do mean hell no. What kind of fool do u think I am, HA! I know they meant well and weren't trying to sabotage us, but people, I'm thinking about the long haul of it all. One night of pleasure could be a lifetime of pain. I don't want my children or Church family, family finding crazy pics of me doing something like that.

Back to the story....

So hubby was like, "ooo nooo, we're not doing that we already did before we came," and I just said, heck no and turned to walk out the living room. There was this mid size lady standing in the way and she told me that I was going to play the game. She put her arms up in a threatening way indicating that I wasn't going anywhere. Are you serious? For real, for real? It's like that?

So I looked at her and said, "I'm not doing that!" She still wouldn't let up, so then I pretty much had to swoop by her and hubby was right behind me then, I noticed she didn't say anything when hubby was around. Crazy?! She later confessed that her and her boyfriend did the game and she had never felt so humiliated, embarrassed, and violated. SEE! That's what I was thinking. So why do you want me to participate? Would that make you feel better if I get on your level? Will that justify your doing? I was proud of myself standing for what I believe in. Because of that, tell me why no one participated in the game. Too funny, because that's when others were also confessing when they did the game before @ another party and how dirty they felt when they did it.

Birthday Girl was in another room sick. We believe that she is pregnant, lol. So she kinda missed out on the foolishness. It was ashame because her husband planned the birthday party for her. BTW, that wasn't even her style, that's why the party probably went a turn for the worse.
Do you and not what others want you to do!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Was One Of The Winners!

Remember the contest of Best Ankara or African attire hosted by Ms. Iee and co-host YNC. Well any event I submitted my photo of me with a black and white ankara that was given to me from my bff's sister-in-law from Nigeria. Honestly people, I knew I didn't have a chance because I knew other fierce Naija ladies will have blown me out the water because this is their arena, lol. However I participated anyway for fun. I had nothing to lose. I explained to my husband the contest and asked him to take pictures of me and he did and I submitted them. Weeks later I was notified that I was one of the winners. I came in 2nd place and couldn't believe it. Just for me to come in at the top 5 would have done it for me. I was so SHOCK and surprised! Too tickled. Hubby rejoiced with me, lol.
I had a choice of the prizes and I choose the make-up travel kit which I love so much. I received it in the mail a couple of days ago.
It has 2 compartments. The first compartment are the eye shadows, pic on the right. Second compartment have the lip colors, bronzer, a
translucent, lip/eye liners, and make-up applicators.

As I opened up the bottom compartment, there were some more goodies to indulge in!

-2 sets of lashes...much needed
-China Glaze nail polish called Avalanche
-Flora perfume sample by Gucci
-Murad Active Radiance Serum (I was in the sun)
-Laura Geller spackle, under make-up primer

Needless to say, I was happy! Oh yeah, check out the stylish hot pink/fuchsia protective wrap. My kids wanted to pop it all day, lol. Sorry, I look a mess, but I was doing house cleaning.