Friday, April 20, 2007

Study, Study, and Study Some More!

Yup, that's what I've been doing. Well trying to do. I have major real estate exams coming up and I need to be prepared. This is it! It's the big one, not really, but it is to me. I'll be taking the law and math exam. That math was really simple but how the professor was teaching it was really complicated. He would skips steps and throw in numbers from no where. I thought it was no hope for me, until he gave us the last 3 exams he gave his former students, YIPPEEEE!!! So now I know what exactly to study for and it's so funny because all the exams have the same question format, but different numbers. Ok, now the law part is totally different. That is either do or die. All those chapters I must read, man!
Baby daddy have the kids this weekend which is perfect. The last thing I need to be doing while trying to prepare for these testing is stopping every 10-15mins to solve a problem, cook, or do motherly duties. I totally thank God for that. When the exams are done my mind will be free. Really, when I know that I passed, that's when I will shout!
People be free, love life, and be strong. I'll blog again when the testing is done, however I wanted to drop a few lines and let the yall know, ya girl is doing great!
Have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Verdict!

Well, well, well....drum roll, please! Ah yes, I have been waiting for this moment just to say that I didn't fully reach the goal set, BUT I was very close. I was one size off. Now that I think about it, I was pretty much being unrealistic, oh well. I went from a size 20 to a 16 in 4 weeks, not bad I think. I'm closer to a size 14 then I ever was. I still treated myself of course. All hard work and no play, oh please! This sister will play with gladness. Everything is lovely over here. I've just been rejuvenating myself still. Oh yeah, I did cut my hair. It is really nice. It's very low cut, tapered, and probably like 2 1/2 inches on top. I love it! Yes I will post a pic whenever my sis (the photographer) take several pics of moi. So here's to new beginnings (again). I have turned off my cell phone because I needed that quiet time for myself. I was able to clean up, pamper myself, watch a movie in peace (kids are with dad for the weekend), listen to my music, and read a book in peace, yippee! I'm loving it. However I do miss my kids, I wish I had them for the Easter weekend, but it's all good. My baby daddy's family is coming up from South Carolina for the Easter Holiday. I won't be seeing them, however I will be seeing his mom. Matter of fact, I'm about to go over there and do the girls hair. I brought them pretty hair bows for Easter tomorrow. I'll probably do a simple style like cornrows in the front and roded in the back or something. Really don't have much this time round on the Blog News of Lady A's World. I believe it's a first, lol.

Let us all be thankful for what God has done and doing in our life. He sent His only son, Jesus, and He paved the way for us. There is no excuse. Acknowledge the Lord your God in all your ways and He will direct your path, so why should we worry? You don't see the birds in the air stressing, or the fish in the sea starving, so what more would God do for us and We are His children. As we celebrate Easter tomorrow, let it also be a new resurrected mind set in Christ. Anything thoughts that are dead and weighing us down with worries, stress, pain, agony, etc...then it needs to cut off. Think and speak positive. Speak words of life. I can't help but think of the time when my sister fell up (yes, up, not down) the stairs. Instead of her fussing, or a curse word, she yelled out, "PRAISE HIM!" We laughed, but it ministered to me in such a way that it stuck with me. In the midst of her hurt and pain, when she was down on the stairs, she still continue to praise God in the middle of the downfall (literally *smile*). Instead of complaining or whining she gave a sacrificial praise, and it was a sacrifice too. Hey, God loves and so do I! You are special and He cares for you.

Happy Easter!