Thursday, July 30, 2009

I turned down an extra martial affair last night (early this morning/3rd shift).
Their has been this Haitian guy, Pierre who has been sweating me since the day I first started work at P&G. He's 44yrs old, English is pretty good, kinda cute, very nice french/Haitian accent. Not my type at all, but he's sweet.

At first he would just stare at me as if I was picture. Then later he would give me this innocent smile that was really sweet. I thought nothing of it because he was just being friendly. Then the night came where he asked me, did his friend (another Haitian guy who works on my line) tell me that he liked me. I was shocked and knew what he meant by "like". I couldn't play dumb this time around. I was lost for words and had the blank look. Yes, I was flattered because I look a hot mess working in that hot factory. No makeup, hot outfits, fierce shoes, you get my point. Nothing but plain jeans, steel toe boots, husband's over sized t-shirt, and the lovely Wal-Mart brand safety goggles.

So I had to smile when he said that he found me attractive and want someone that looks like me, cute. Calm down, I did tell him that I was married and he gave me this look as if he was saying, "what does that has to do with me?"

Last night we worked closer then before, meaning he was my partner in putting the wipes on the conveyor belt. Pierre said that my husband doesn't have to know and that we could start out slow. I fell out laughing. These type men! He was filling my head with all these embellished lies of how it could be between me and him. Again, I laughed and told him that I'm not that kind of girl. I'm a good girl. A good CLEAN girl, (from the Martin Payne episode). He sucked his teeth and said that everybody has a boyfriend/girlfriend in their marriage. He went on telling me how bad he wants me and blah, blah, blah. I told him I'll hook him up with someone but he declined the offer. We went back and forth on this matter for a long time. Again, I told him I don't go that route and I'm a good faithful wife to my husband. He honestly didn't believe that there are married couples who are actually faithful to there spouse. He laughed so hard when I said that not everyone does that. He said that EVERYBODY cheats. I asked him how would he feel if his wife was having a relationship with another man. That's when he put his head down. I could tell he wouldn't approve (who would?!), but in the same breath, he still wanted my goodies, lol.

Pierre was always asking for my number and whereabouts with my husband ie, time he goes to work, get off, how is he doing, etc... He also tried to pull the "let's be friends" card on me. "Let's just talk on the phone" duhh, that's how affairs start!

I said to him, "so you mean to tell me you don't want any sex from me?" "You just want to be friends and talk?" "We can do that! I have lots male friends who are good friends". Let's be real, he wants the goodies, not girly conversations. Sure enough he gave me this blank look because he wanted sex from me and that's the bottom line of it ALL! "Sorry, I only do ONE man which is my husband" I told him. Again, he sucked his teeth with disappointment and kept begging me saying, "please" in his lovely french accent. I don't like it when a man begs to sleep with you. That really turned me off! They look all the more desperate and no game.

Tonight I go to work where I will face Mr. French speaking Pierre. I'm tired of his ways with me. I try to avoid him. He keeps asking me the same stupid question of "why won't I give him a chance? Me being married is not a good enough answer for him. That make me sick to my stomach. What do I have to do?

I told my husband about it all and we laughed. He was talking about coming up to my job. I have no idea how Mr. Pierre would respond to this, lol, scared he would be. However, we must be smart about it and not cause a scene. Hubby said I should have given Pierre the number......husband's cell phone number. Now that would be funny!!! I'm thinking about it so this could be squashed once and for all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry no pic for the weigh in. However, I'm exactly 200.0lbs. The funny thing I was 197 early that week, but for whatever reason, my body wanted to hold on to water or something. Mostly I was 198-199lbs, but when I weighed in yesterday morning I was 200.0lbs.
Oh well.
Been busy and haven't updated an blogs really, but I will.
My fingers hurt so bad from work. We pack baby wipes. Pampers, Luvs, u name it. We hussle like crazy too, that's why I was able to lose a lot of pounds during the first week.
Enjoy your week, hopefully I'll update b4 the weekend. Back to sleep.....3rd shift can be a killer sometimes.


Lady A

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weigh In

I didn't forget. I weighed in Monday morning but because I already posted a post I wanted to wait. I'm down 5lbs! Yahhh! Wow you guys are really praying HARD for me. Kisses and hugs to all! Thanks everyone for the encouragement, means a lot and I don't take it lightly. So now I need to be OUT the 200's. I need to see 19...... I'm shooting for 195, heck I'll take 196 or 7. Do you know what this means. If I could lose close to 10lbs, then I will be able to fit into a size 14!!!! I haven't been a 14 since baby Jesus was a baby....ok, did that make sense? I have been a whopping size 18-20 for the longest. Now I can wear a size 16. Trying to fit into these size 14 jeans by the end of the month. We shall see!
Check out my white toe nails, lol. That's my favorite summer color that I rock often. My signature look. So YNC, I painted the toes myself. I know you can tell, lol.
Cool, I just noticed the date is on the scale, so now that's really confirmation for you guys that it was MONDAY, lol. I know yall trust me.
Til next weigh in,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blog Contest By Ijeoma

Hey, Everyone!I wanted to announce a contest that I have coming up. After a couple of blogs, I thought it would be appropriate to have a contest for my regular bloggers and commentors.What I am doing is a contest that will showcase a bit of our culture. I have many readers (even those that can't comment, because of the restrictions that I have set) and they always ask about the "ankara styles".
Well, here is a way for you to help me explain and showcase the creativity that we are known for.
In order to participate, you need to subscribe to my blog--YNC
Submit a photo of you in a an ankara or even a lace style that was sewn for you, or you made. Remember: YOU need to be in the not submit a picture of someone else!!!
Give me a one or two liner on the outfit, and what it was for. Send the picture and your info: name and a valid email address to: or via email to (
The contest will run for three weeks, just to give enough time for the word to spread and for people to get their outfits and pictures together.
After the contest closes, I will sit down with my girl, Yankeenaijababe, and select our winners.
Before I forget, after you have sent your picture in, there will be a blog window created for you to send me a line to let me know that you have submitted your pic. This is important, because as the contest gets underway and the submissions start rolling in, I want to make sure all the participants have been accounted for.
....I am still trying to decide what I want to do. I do know that I will have a first, second, and third prize- just not sure what I want to include in each package. However, trust me, I like good things...and I won't disappoint...just know that the first place will definitely consist of some MAC Products...Keep tuning in, and I will continue to post updates. Again, the contest has not officially started. I will post the start and end dates by the end of the week.
So, Good Luck...and I look forward to seeing what everyone is made of!
xoxo, Ijeoma
1)After partaking in blog contest, leave a note on my blog to let me know as well.
2)You can either choose to blog about blog contest or send an email to Ijeoma with your picture
3)Get started peeps, this is going to be fun in the long run!---YNC

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Longest Expedition to Get Doughnuts

Saturday morning and hubby wants to go and take a nice quick trip to Maryland to pick something up. When I woke up, he told me to get dressed, we are going to MD. I love spending that car time with hubby riding talking about everything under the sun listening to our fav cds. We all left to go around 10am and of course curious children were asking us over and over where and why are going. Hubby did mention early that he wanted his favorite doughnuts and he was going to make it happen. This is not the first time we took a trip to MD to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts while the HOT now sign is on, so we pretty much know the way there. This trip was different because the one we usually go to was closed down. It was so funny looking at my husband's face with such disappoint and pain. We pulled into the empty parking and drove around the closed down resturant, as if that was going to make it reopen. We were in Glen Burnie at that time. So now I'm thinking, "what a waste of gas, might as well go to the mall since we are here!"
However, Mr. Persistent had another plan. Got on his cell phone made a couple of calls, and viola! The Krispy Kreme in another area Owing Mills, MD 15mins away from us is open. So we plugged it into the GPS and we are off! By now I'm thinking, "all of this for doughnuts?" Honestly, I have a lot of things I go out of my way to do or get. I drive all the way to New Jersey to get my hair braided and I will NOT settle for anyone else. FLOKAY shop is the BEST EVER, it's in Irvington fyi. I have also drove to PA to get these exclusive COACH sneakers, calm down, it was tax return money, I don't have it like that YET!
So now we arrive at the second Krispy Kreme restaurant. Yah, we are here! So we pull up and it appears that everyone is off today at Krispy Kreme. The chairs were stacked neatly on the tables and the the lights were OFF. WOW! My husband is in distress now. There was nothing I can say or do to make it all better. By now I'm thinking my trip to the mall is really going to be cancelled because now he's going to have an attitude. I'm not taking an upset husband in the mall. So he gets on the phone again. Calls the Krispy Kreme in Columbia, Md. and we spoke to a living person informing us how far we were from them. It was another 15-20mins to get to KK. We found it and thank God it was open! Whole family went in and inhaled the sweet smell of doughnuts. Husband order 3 dozen. I thought we were done and was about to escort the children back to the car until my hubby said that he wanted to speak with the manager. Ohhh nooo! Long story short, the manager was telling him how the owner of KK is trying to keep KK a southern thing (you all know my husband is from SC), so that's why he closed down those two. We were supposed to be back in Delaware @1:30pm. We didn't get home until 3:20pm and mind you I had a baby shower to go @4pm and traffic was crazy. As I am typing this, hubby is enjoying his doughnuts. Are you wondering did I have any? Ha! Nope, can you believe that!
What a journey, what a trip and no I didn't get to go to the MALL:o(

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passion Parties

I have recently been invited to a couple of Passion Slumber Parties. I'm thinking this is the 'new' thing now in my area. I just received an invitation to a friend of mine whom I have since we were 4 years old, lol. Sex toys, enhancers and lord knows what else will be there for us ladies to improve our sex life. I'm debating about going. On one hand I'm curious, but then on the other, I could care less. Just as long my hubby has his erect penis, I'm good, lol, (did I say that). However I do want to go just to see what they have, etc...maybe they will have some nice sexy kinky lingerie or accessories for the bedroom. I'm not looking for anything raunchy or something that will defile our bedroom. Just fun and decent. Dunno, will see. I remember yrs ago being invited to Avon, MaryKay or other little gatherings, but now it's on a different level which is good. It's in the private of the host home. You will be among other women who are interested as well. If it's the right group of girls, then I know we will be able to cut loose and be silly for the night. I'm sure there will be drinks, like we really need that, lol! Heck, now that I think about it, she needs to have a pole in her living room so we all can do a spin or two. I would love to show off my stripper skills! Hahaaa, just kidding, but I would love to take a pole dancing class. Maybe the end of this year when the money is right.
Any event, if I go, I will let you all know how things went. Til then you all be blessed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weigh In

I'm sure you all read the last post. If not then don't be alarmed that I have gained. Not happy, but not sad because it was worst a couple of days ago. So when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I gained 5lbs, I didn't feel so bad. Why? Several days ago, I was 210lbs, lol. I think it was water and salt.
So now I'm more for real then ever and will knock this out the park. I had my last apple fritter from Wawa, I have tasted enough chocolate glazed doughnuts, and I don't need to see McD's, Burger King, or Dairy Queen anymore. I have cut my ties with them and said good- bye til futher notice.
I received a call yesterday for a baby shower invite this weekend. This is not the same baby shower I mentioned in the last post. When I see the mother-to-be for the 6th time, lol, yes, 6, I wanna be 5lbs lighter when what I am now.
Why is it during the summer, all these events pop out of no where?! I'm enjoying them, but goodness, it's always something going on!
Ok, so that's it for now. Til then I'll still be on there rambling. Remember, Golden Wives Club blog is open to the public for the summer. So enjoy your week!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mother-in-law is in town and here for the weekend. She's ok, if only I can understand what she is saying half the time. I feel really bad because I am forever asking her to repeat what she said. Funny thing is that she is not from another country, but she is COUNTRY, lol. I mean deep down dirty bama country. Then she talks fast, so that really doesn't help me out. Bless her heart. Hubby understands, of course. Matter of fact, when he get with his brother or better yet, around his country peoples, he start talking like he's straight out the barn, lol. Then I start looking at him like he's crazy. Don't get them laughing and wound up, because they get louder and louder, and the accent gets stronger and stronger to the point it's annoying. That's when I go upstairs and mind my own business. One time my sister caught a piece of their conversation and I remember her saying, "what are they saying?" They are not speaking geechi, but you would think they are. I tease my hubby about this all the time. I know when he is speaking to his bama brother. His accent goes from American to unknown country in secs!

Weight lost plan isn't going so great because it is all my fault. Ever since July 4th, I have been pigging out. So Monday the scale is going to be a bit disappointing for me. I have gain weight and feel it in my big toe, lol. I'll be back on track after I eat these 2 chocolate donuts.

No excuse! So now I'm going to do a power weight lost. I do have another event coming up and I haven't seen this person since last year! It's a baby shower. Her event is July 25th. So let's see how much I can pull off by that date. Better yet, I have a pair of jeans size 14 that I would love to fit in comfortably (YNC, don't laugh, this time I will do it!)

Ok love ones, I'll be seeing you all Monday with the terrible verdict. However, new day, new beginnings, right?!

Lady A

Monday, July 6, 2009

Because I have been so busy I will open the Golden Wives Club blog just for the summer ONLY. So all are invited. Men, please feel free to leave a comment, we wives appreciate a man's point of view, so help us out. I really haven't been tending to my journey blog like I want due to this laptop, lol. I didn't weigh in yet and didn't want to because I have been pigging out and I feel so ashamed, lol. I back slided bloggers! However I will weigh in next Monday, hopefully then I would have redeemed myself.
Walking in love has certainly been a life long journey for me in this marriage. I wonder when people take their vows, do they really know what they are saying? Do you really know what you are committing yourself to. What if they change and not the person you married. You still have a promise to keep before God. What if you spouse has an addiction that you later find out about (not while courting) after years of marriage. Are you willing and prepared to deal with the hardship of it?
Just rambling. I promised God I will stick with my husband regardless. He has a certain issue that no wife would be proud of. I'm tired, but yet God's grace has always gotten me through. Some may say I'm stupid/foolish to still be with him. I understand, however my maturity level in Christ has given me the revelation of unconditional love. Marriage is not for the weak, the spiritually weak. You better know how to pray and warfare in the spiritual realm.
Do I still believe in fairy tale marriages, lol...honestly, YES! I understand that all marriages have their trying times. It's really up both parties to make it the best, wonderful marriage that God has design for it to be. Marriage is to be enjoyed! Sex is one of the gifts that God has created for the married...not just for making babies, but for PLEASURE. Kudos to God, lol! Love it!
Enjoy your week guys!

Lady A