Saturday, July 18, 2009

Longest Expedition to Get Doughnuts

Saturday morning and hubby wants to go and take a nice quick trip to Maryland to pick something up. When I woke up, he told me to get dressed, we are going to MD. I love spending that car time with hubby riding talking about everything under the sun listening to our fav cds. We all left to go around 10am and of course curious children were asking us over and over where and why are going. Hubby did mention early that he wanted his favorite doughnuts and he was going to make it happen. This is not the first time we took a trip to MD to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts while the HOT now sign is on, so we pretty much know the way there. This trip was different because the one we usually go to was closed down. It was so funny looking at my husband's face with such disappoint and pain. We pulled into the empty parking and drove around the closed down resturant, as if that was going to make it reopen. We were in Glen Burnie at that time. So now I'm thinking, "what a waste of gas, might as well go to the mall since we are here!"
However, Mr. Persistent had another plan. Got on his cell phone made a couple of calls, and viola! The Krispy Kreme in another area Owing Mills, MD 15mins away from us is open. So we plugged it into the GPS and we are off! By now I'm thinking, "all of this for doughnuts?" Honestly, I have a lot of things I go out of my way to do or get. I drive all the way to New Jersey to get my hair braided and I will NOT settle for anyone else. FLOKAY shop is the BEST EVER, it's in Irvington fyi. I have also drove to PA to get these exclusive COACH sneakers, calm down, it was tax return money, I don't have it like that YET!
So now we arrive at the second Krispy Kreme restaurant. Yah, we are here! So we pull up and it appears that everyone is off today at Krispy Kreme. The chairs were stacked neatly on the tables and the the lights were OFF. WOW! My husband is in distress now. There was nothing I can say or do to make it all better. By now I'm thinking my trip to the mall is really going to be cancelled because now he's going to have an attitude. I'm not taking an upset husband in the mall. So he gets on the phone again. Calls the Krispy Kreme in Columbia, Md. and we spoke to a living person informing us how far we were from them. It was another 15-20mins to get to KK. We found it and thank God it was open! Whole family went in and inhaled the sweet smell of doughnuts. Husband order 3 dozen. I thought we were done and was about to escort the children back to the car until my hubby said that he wanted to speak with the manager. Ohhh nooo! Long story short, the manager was telling him how the owner of KK is trying to keep KK a southern thing (you all know my husband is from SC), so that's why he closed down those two. We were supposed to be back in Delaware @1:30pm. We didn't get home until 3:20pm and mind you I had a baby shower to go @4pm and traffic was crazy. As I am typing this, hubby is enjoying his doughnuts. Are you wondering did I have any? Ha! Nope, can you believe that!
What a journey, what a trip and no I didn't get to go to the MALL:o(