Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blog Contest By Ijeoma

Hey, Everyone!I wanted to announce a contest that I have coming up. After a couple of blogs, I thought it would be appropriate to have a contest for my regular bloggers and commentors.What I am doing is a contest that will showcase a bit of our culture. I have many readers (even those that can't comment, because of the restrictions that I have set) and they always ask about the "ankara styles".
Well, here is a way for you to help me explain and showcase the creativity that we are known for.
In order to participate, you need to subscribe to my blog--YNC
Submit a photo of you in a an ankara or even a lace style that was sewn for you, or you made. Remember: YOU need to be in the not submit a picture of someone else!!!
Give me a one or two liner on the outfit, and what it was for. Send the picture and your info: name and a valid email address to: or via email to (
The contest will run for three weeks, just to give enough time for the word to spread and for people to get their outfits and pictures together.
After the contest closes, I will sit down with my girl, Yankeenaijababe, and select our winners.
Before I forget, after you have sent your picture in, there will be a blog window created for you to send me a line to let me know that you have submitted your pic. This is important, because as the contest gets underway and the submissions start rolling in, I want to make sure all the participants have been accounted for.
....I am still trying to decide what I want to do. I do know that I will have a first, second, and third prize- just not sure what I want to include in each package. However, trust me, I like good things...and I won't disappoint...just know that the first place will definitely consist of some MAC Products...Keep tuning in, and I will continue to post updates. Again, the contest has not officially started. I will post the start and end dates by the end of the week.
So, Good Luck...and I look forward to seeing what everyone is made of!
xoxo, Ijeoma
1)After partaking in blog contest, leave a note on my blog to let me know as well.
2)You can either choose to blog about blog contest or send an email to Ijeoma with your picture
3)Get started peeps, this is going to be fun in the long run!---YNC