Thursday, July 30, 2009

I turned down an extra martial affair last night (early this morning/3rd shift).
Their has been this Haitian guy, Pierre who has been sweating me since the day I first started work at P&G. He's 44yrs old, English is pretty good, kinda cute, very nice french/Haitian accent. Not my type at all, but he's sweet.

At first he would just stare at me as if I was picture. Then later he would give me this innocent smile that was really sweet. I thought nothing of it because he was just being friendly. Then the night came where he asked me, did his friend (another Haitian guy who works on my line) tell me that he liked me. I was shocked and knew what he meant by "like". I couldn't play dumb this time around. I was lost for words and had the blank look. Yes, I was flattered because I look a hot mess working in that hot factory. No makeup, hot outfits, fierce shoes, you get my point. Nothing but plain jeans, steel toe boots, husband's over sized t-shirt, and the lovely Wal-Mart brand safety goggles.

So I had to smile when he said that he found me attractive and want someone that looks like me, cute. Calm down, I did tell him that I was married and he gave me this look as if he was saying, "what does that has to do with me?"

Last night we worked closer then before, meaning he was my partner in putting the wipes on the conveyor belt. Pierre said that my husband doesn't have to know and that we could start out slow. I fell out laughing. These type men! He was filling my head with all these embellished lies of how it could be between me and him. Again, I laughed and told him that I'm not that kind of girl. I'm a good girl. A good CLEAN girl, (from the Martin Payne episode). He sucked his teeth and said that everybody has a boyfriend/girlfriend in their marriage. He went on telling me how bad he wants me and blah, blah, blah. I told him I'll hook him up with someone but he declined the offer. We went back and forth on this matter for a long time. Again, I told him I don't go that route and I'm a good faithful wife to my husband. He honestly didn't believe that there are married couples who are actually faithful to there spouse. He laughed so hard when I said that not everyone does that. He said that EVERYBODY cheats. I asked him how would he feel if his wife was having a relationship with another man. That's when he put his head down. I could tell he wouldn't approve (who would?!), but in the same breath, he still wanted my goodies, lol.

Pierre was always asking for my number and whereabouts with my husband ie, time he goes to work, get off, how is he doing, etc... He also tried to pull the "let's be friends" card on me. "Let's just talk on the phone" duhh, that's how affairs start!

I said to him, "so you mean to tell me you don't want any sex from me?" "You just want to be friends and talk?" "We can do that! I have lots male friends who are good friends". Let's be real, he wants the goodies, not girly conversations. Sure enough he gave me this blank look because he wanted sex from me and that's the bottom line of it ALL! "Sorry, I only do ONE man which is my husband" I told him. Again, he sucked his teeth with disappointment and kept begging me saying, "please" in his lovely french accent. I don't like it when a man begs to sleep with you. That really turned me off! They look all the more desperate and no game.

Tonight I go to work where I will face Mr. French speaking Pierre. I'm tired of his ways with me. I try to avoid him. He keeps asking me the same stupid question of "why won't I give him a chance? Me being married is not a good enough answer for him. That make me sick to my stomach. What do I have to do?

I told my husband about it all and we laughed. He was talking about coming up to my job. I have no idea how Mr. Pierre would respond to this, lol, scared he would be. However, we must be smart about it and not cause a scene. Hubby said I should have given Pierre the number......husband's cell phone number. Now that would be funny!!! I'm thinking about it so this could be squashed once and for all!