Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mother-in-law is in town and here for the weekend. She's ok, if only I can understand what she is saying half the time. I feel really bad because I am forever asking her to repeat what she said. Funny thing is that she is not from another country, but she is COUNTRY, lol. I mean deep down dirty bama country. Then she talks fast, so that really doesn't help me out. Bless her heart. Hubby understands, of course. Matter of fact, when he get with his brother or better yet, around his country peoples, he start talking like he's straight out the barn, lol. Then I start looking at him like he's crazy. Don't get them laughing and wound up, because they get louder and louder, and the accent gets stronger and stronger to the point it's annoying. That's when I go upstairs and mind my own business. One time my sister caught a piece of their conversation and I remember her saying, "what are they saying?" They are not speaking geechi, but you would think they are. I tease my hubby about this all the time. I know when he is speaking to his bama brother. His accent goes from American to unknown country in secs!

Weight lost plan isn't going so great because it is all my fault. Ever since July 4th, I have been pigging out. So Monday the scale is going to be a bit disappointing for me. I have gain weight and feel it in my big toe, lol. I'll be back on track after I eat these 2 chocolate donuts.

No excuse! So now I'm going to do a power weight lost. I do have another event coming up and I haven't seen this person since last year! It's a baby shower. Her event is July 25th. So let's see how much I can pull off by that date. Better yet, I have a pair of jeans size 14 that I would love to fit in comfortably (YNC, don't laugh, this time I will do it!)

Ok love ones, I'll be seeing you all Monday with the terrible verdict. However, new day, new beginnings, right?!

Lady A