Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passion Parties

I have recently been invited to a couple of Passion Slumber Parties. I'm thinking this is the 'new' thing now in my area. I just received an invitation to a friend of mine whom I have since we were 4 years old, lol. Sex toys, enhancers and lord knows what else will be there for us ladies to improve our sex life. I'm debating about going. On one hand I'm curious, but then on the other, I could care less. Just as long my hubby has his erect penis, I'm good, lol, (did I say that). However I do want to go just to see what they have, etc...maybe they will have some nice sexy kinky lingerie or accessories for the bedroom. I'm not looking for anything raunchy or something that will defile our bedroom. Just fun and decent. Dunno, will see. I remember yrs ago being invited to Avon, MaryKay or other little gatherings, but now it's on a different level which is good. It's in the private of the host home. You will be among other women who are interested as well. If it's the right group of girls, then I know we will be able to cut loose and be silly for the night. I'm sure there will be drinks, like we really need that, lol! Heck, now that I think about it, she needs to have a pole in her living room so we all can do a spin or two. I would love to show off my stripper skills! Hahaaa, just kidding, but I would love to take a pole dancing class. Maybe the end of this year when the money is right.
Any event, if I go, I will let you all know how things went. Til then you all be blessed!