Friday, April 20, 2007

Study, Study, and Study Some More!

Yup, that's what I've been doing. Well trying to do. I have major real estate exams coming up and I need to be prepared. This is it! It's the big one, not really, but it is to me. I'll be taking the law and math exam. That math was really simple but how the professor was teaching it was really complicated. He would skips steps and throw in numbers from no where. I thought it was no hope for me, until he gave us the last 3 exams he gave his former students, YIPPEEEE!!! So now I know what exactly to study for and it's so funny because all the exams have the same question format, but different numbers. Ok, now the law part is totally different. That is either do or die. All those chapters I must read, man!
Baby daddy have the kids this weekend which is perfect. The last thing I need to be doing while trying to prepare for these testing is stopping every 10-15mins to solve a problem, cook, or do motherly duties. I totally thank God for that. When the exams are done my mind will be free. Really, when I know that I passed, that's when I will shout!
People be free, love life, and be strong. I'll blog again when the testing is done, however I wanted to drop a few lines and let the yall know, ya girl is doing great!
Have a great weekend. Enjoy!