Thursday, January 4, 2007


My membership for Curves (women's gym) will be up the end of March I believe. So I need to get it crackin. Nahh, I wouldn't want to sign up with them again. They were good, however I would like to go to a real gym. Curves did help me to get motivitved because once a month they weigh and measure you. When you go, you have to be careful not to talk and have the game face on. This is what I mean. Curves excerise equipment is close together so if someone next to you starts up a conversation or even across from you it's like it breaks your exercise momentum. Now your chatting up a breeze, and not working out to your full potential. Then when you get done, it's like you did nothing. I like to feel the burn to know that a muscle is getting it's workout. However Curves' is a great motivator. After this, I want to kick it up a notch, or two...maybe three.