Monday, January 15, 2007

4 Day Weekend Without the Kids, WOW!!!

My older sister volunteered to watch my children for the Martin Luther King weekend. NICENESS. After watching her 3 children and my younger sister's 2 boys often, I needed the break. Oh yeah, I also care for my grandmother too, off and on, along with my 3 children. Yeah, stay at home mom's are sometimes busier then the regular secular jobs. Last Friday my kids didn't have school so my sister, mom, and I went to Virginia to drop off my kids. It went well, 4 hour drive, not bad. Ok so you would think my husband and I would have "big" plans since we won't be seeing our little ones til Monday evening, HA! We woke up Saturday morning and Donovan suggested to go to Cowtown (flea market) in New Jersey. Fine, sounds good, we are children less for the weekend. It was a quick ride going to NJ and it never felt sooooooo good not having to do any motherly duties while being at the flea market. Not having to hear, "are we there yet," "I have to go to the bathroom," "I want that," "I'm hungry!", "but you always say "not this time" mommy!" and my all time favorite, "my feet/legs hurt (from long hours of walking)". My husband and I just walked and took our time looking at items we won't buy, lol. It was fun having a conversation without being interrupted by a 5, 6, or 10 year old. Cowtown was nice like always. They have everything from A-Z. Cowtown has the best knock-off 4 star replicas to name brand house hold cleaning products. Donovan brought some cologne. That Polo Black and Giorgio Armani cologne which is off the hook (smells really good). The total came to $65 and mind you these are the large bottles of cologne. At the mall you will at least be paying $65 or more for one small bottle. The dude that sells these smell goods look like he is from India, but come to find out he's from Pakistan. I felt bad because I was calling him "Shamir," (not to his face). Oh come on, don't act like you don't do it either. When I first told my hubby about the cologne man, I gave him my personal name, "Shamir" (assuming that he was from India). So when we saw him Saturday my husband asked him his name. His name is Tone. Donovan teased me because he was like, "what if Tone looked at you and called you Tunde or some African name?" We both laughed, yeah, I think we all do it once in a while. I did feel bad, all that time I called him "Shamir". Well, you know something, I don't just do it with other cultures, I even do it with my own kind. If I see a black guy and there is something about him what I want to talk about to whoever I'm with then I'll call him "Leroy", and you know I'm very sure some people look at me and think, "there goes Shaniqua", or some ghetto black name. If he's white, then I'll call him "Chad", if she's white I'll call her "Becky", I think it so funny. It's all good people, no I"m not prejudice. If he's Chinese then I'll call him "Lee", prime example; when we were at the market "Lee" was frying up some mean stir fry, boy was it smelling good. I think you get the point.

Ok so for the weekend it really would have been ideal to do a serious deep cleaning in the house, right? NOT. My husband and I were so busy doing NOTHING we never got around to it. We enjoyed every bit of doing "nothing". It was fun too. Just laying around, stinking up the house, lol. We pretty much had take-out everyday, ahhh, like college life. Instead of cleaning we just stepped over, kicked, walked on, pushed or moved whatever to the side that was in our way. I am well rested and later this week I will clean up the house like no one's business. Oh yeah, we did watch rental movies. Snakes on a Plane (stupid movie), Fearless (that was good), and Akeela (msp) and the Bee (that was really good).

In life it doesn't take a lot of money to have a good time. It's the good company and food that make it memorable. When you have good company that can make you laugh til you pop and tasty food even if it's cheese and crackers, it's just a priceless moment that can only be recaptured in your mind. Life is short. Enjoy the little things, slow down, don't take anyone or anything for granted. Stop chasing things that are replacable and embrace love ones or things (time, and love) that you can't replace.