Monday, January 22, 2007

I thought the Unemployment Office would help Me

Yes, I'm looking for a job still and it's been exactly 2 1/2 years on this job search. I want the "right" job position. No more setting, no more 2nd shift or 3rd shift (I want to enjoy my children), no more underpay. I am well qualified to do these "fancy" job positions but because my experience is less then 3 years these people aren't even trying to listen or better yet give me an interview.
A friend of mine suggested that I go to the employment office to see if I could get an unemployment checks and if they would pay for classes. Good idea! I"m psyche, and there's hope. Oh wait! Let me back up. My mom and I have been talking about taking Real Estate classes at Del Tech. I wanted to see if the Dept. of Labor would pay for these classes, so that was my "motive".
Ok so I went and registered with the employment services. Didn't take long. I was looking around at people while I was putting my information. It's funny, you have all different races, cultures, genders, backgrounds, and we all have something in common....."WE NEED A JOB!!!"
Well I asked the assistant about their program that pays for classes and I proceeded to ask about Real Estate classes and unfortunately she said that class is not on their list. All is well. So then I went to the Unemployment office to see if a sister could receive some checks! On my way there this recruiter tried to recruit me, NOT. Can you imagine me in the Military, HA! Now that's funny. Don't get me wrong the Military have excellent benefits and my dad is retired military so I'm not hating. However that is not me. They'll send me to Iraq with the swiftness. Me being me, I'll probably make friends with the enemies, LOL. Showing them how to fry fish and cornbread soul food style. Anyway I took a number and sat down. The number on the screen was 32 and I had number 51. From there I was thinking. I rather start substitute teaching again and receive a decent check. The pay for a sub is $84/day if you have a degree, if you have a high school diploma it's $64. I over heard a conversation behind me how this girl did receive a check and it was for $80 something dollars. I'm thinking, "that's it?! I'll be better off just contacting the the human resources for the school district and just reapply." So I got up and left and did just that.
Mom and I are suppose to sign up tomorrow for the real estate class which starts Feb. 6th for the math section. I'm a little excited. I have no idea what God has up his sleeves for me, but I do know that it's something AWESOME. This is my YEAR! All that I have waited and prayed for, this is the year for it to be manifested, AMEN! God has not forgotten, He has heard all of our prayers and knows our heart desires and He will surely bring them all to pass in Jesus name, Amen.