Monday, January 8, 2007

Birthday was a Hit!!!

Gees I'm tired. Man! Anyway, yesterday the birthday was terrific! My older sister Marlette and her family came up from VA for the party. Again she was asking about the cake, lol, yeah, all went well concerning that matter. Brandy came through, and I picked up the 3 tier cake like 2am Sunday morning. The cake was beautiful and BIG. God is too good, mind you I'm working with a budget of $0. I wanted PINK roses to go on the top of the cakes and on the bottom for decoration, right, well I didn't have the funds to do that so I figured something will work out later on. Well when I went to pick up the cake, Brandy said, "oh here, I brought these pink roses for you so you can decorate the top of the cakes if you wanted to use them." So I'm thanking God in my heart. It's the little things like that when God does things, it touches my heart so and that He is real. God knows your situation and He will give you the desires of your heart of you just release all the areas in your life. Be still and know that He is God. So anyway early that day Marlette and her husband went to Sam's Club to buy the food. It was dungeons crab legs, corn on the cob, shrimps, and something else (I forgot). The children were going to have spaghetti with dinner rolls since all of them doesn't eat seafood. Since I'm fasting from meats I had spaghetti w/out the meat. You know something, I didn't even miss the meat. I was good and full. Needless to say the party was a hit. My mom was more then surprise because her birthday isn't' til Jan.13th. My sisters did a great job with the decorations, the colors were pink, silver and white. Black is too depress looking for a 6oth bash. I performed my mini concert for her and mom was laughing sooooo hard. First we did Stevie Wonder, "Isn't she Lovely." I gave my sisters the words to the song so they could sing along with me. So this is what I did, when the music started I came downstairs. I had on black top with dark sun shades and my hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I had the harmonica in my pocket, and I planned on using the cane, but when I held it in my hand, I just started to feel very uncomfortable, and uneasy aerie feeling. I don't know why, so I just left the cane alone. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I started rocking side to side like Stevie Wonder does and proceeded over to the keyboard. Everyone was laughing and I was cheesing. My sisters sang beautifully like always and I was playing the keyboard. Then when the harmonica part came on I quickly moved in front of my sisters and pulled out the harmonica and started playing. OHHHH, they really started laughing. My dad, mom, husband and my brother-in-law were crying, it was that funny, but all the children where looking at me like I was crazy and confused. Ok so remember Stevie Wonder is blind, so when I finished, I had my hand out trying to find my way back to the keyboard. They were laughing and so was I. My mom loved the performance. After that I quickly ran up the stairs to get ready for my next "concert." Ahhh yes, I've been waiting for this one all day, Pattie La Belle! I was excited! I put on the stockings, the big fluffy slip, a ball gown, heels, shawl and I pinned my hair up in a very high bun like Pattie did back in the day. I went in the bathroom to put on my make. By then I was sweating like a horse (do horses sweat?) Yall know what I mean. I had to keep wiping the sweat off my face so I could put the foundation on. I left the fake eye lashes at my house and my makeup bag, DANG, oh well, I did use my other sisters makeup. Putting on the costume jewelry was easy but putting on the fake LONGGGGG curled nails, now that was aggravating! I accidentally glued my fingers together and had to snatch them apart, now that HURT! Fast forward. So I called my sister up and told her I was ready. I got my son's toy microphone and headed downstairs. Now this was going to be funny. If anyone every watch Pattie La Belle perform back in the day when her hair was spiked all up, she put on a SHOW. Twirling all around, kicking off her shoes, you know I'm hyped. The song came on and my mom was still clueless. I came in the room and mom was laughing hard already (cuz I looked crazy). The song was "You are my Friend" I was hitting high and low notes, twirling around, kicking my legs out here and there, rolling on the couch, squatting like a duck, my arms out flying like an eagle and EVERYBODY were in tears. My one of my fake nails popped off and my husband captured it on tape (that was funny). During the performance my bun stuffing from my hair (which was a body wash sponge that I used to make my hair bun big and higher) fell out when I did the 2nd twirl. By then every one's face was pale from laughter even my hubby's' (he's very, very dark skin). You guys, I was out of breath! How do these performers do it?! I mean I was breathing hard, now I really see why you have to be in shape. Sweat was running all down my face, my heart was running fast, I need to lose this weight cuz I'm out of shape. Again, the children were looking at me (auntie) like I was a crazy fool. Yes I have pictures, but too embarrassed to put them up, but maybe I'll post up the Stevie Wonder act. So it was very funny. My dad said that he is soooo glad that he knows me before I become famous (he was joking). My youngest daughter wasn't happy. She kept asking why was I doing that. "Why mommy, why do you have this on, I don't like it, why, why mommy?!" It's kinda hard explaining to a 5year old, (she just turned 5). Mom said it was better then Pattie La Belle and not even Pattie could have performed for her the way I did. That was nice, very nice. It made me feel really good. And it shows that money isn't always the answer.