Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Birthday Quest

I planned this beautiful 60th birthday party for my mom. The party to be held at the Sheraton Hotel with a DJ and all. I'm buying this gorgeous pink and green (mom's sorority colors) India sari. The cake is going to be 3 tiers, like a wedding cake, but the top of the cake will have the number 60th with decor. Then I planned on contacting Pattie La Belle, yes, I will. Since Pattie La Belle has been my mother's favorite all time singer, I figured it would be soooooo cool to see if she could send an autograph picture or even sing Happy Birthday to my mother. I could see my mother's face if Patti La Belle was to walk in the room singing Happy Birthday. She would be screaming, busting all of our ear drums. Tears will be like uncontrolled rivers running down her face. She deserves it all. Mom sacrifice a lot for us. Sounds good, huh? Now if only Patti could write me back, lol I did try and send a email to her, however they said that she was no longer accepting any new fans, bummer. Anyways...this is what my sisters and I planned. I will be getting the 3 tier cake, my sis in DC, Marley, will be getting a sari and prepare the seafood (mom's fav food). My other sis, will be doing the decorations. About that Patti La Belle thing, well, since I couldn't even contact or get a free picture with autograph, I decided to dress up as Patti. Yup, you read right. I will have on the fake long nails, heels, loads of make-up with the fake eye lashes, a big wig (that sticks up in the air), and I'm sure I have sometime outfit that would put this whole ensemble together. I'll borrow my son's toy microphone, and I'll make a big entrance singing Happy Birthday to her. I'm sure she'll be floored. I just need to practice those high notes that Miss Pattie can hit. I know my dad is going to record it on the cam. It should be funny. I'm excited to see how it's going to turn out.
What on earth happen to winter? It's been warm this whole holiday. I was a bit disappointed, gee whiz. That dang on Colorado hogging up all the snow, not fair.
So it seems as though Delaware is acting slow with providing jobs. This never used to be a problem. It's been ridiculous! Even the temp services said that this is the slowest that they have ever been. When I asked to see what did they have available, it was a "labor" position at Kraft, BURMPPP! Wrong answer, I'm not working at the factory. I did that in college, Playtex and Sunroc (water coolers). I'll never forget working at Playtex. Boy talk about redundant!!!! My job was to either box the tampons, stack the tampons, count the tampons, watch the tampons or hot glue the boxes for the tampons. CRAZY, but the money was good. It was funny because I would go home smelling like scented tampons (sweet roses), lol.
My thing is, I'm not settling anymore. I could understand if we were dead broke and stuff getting turned off in the house, then I would take the job. However that's not the case. I've been a stay at home mommy now for 6yrs, and I'm more ready then ever to start working again. I did do home daycare for 2 1/2yrs during that time. It was cool, I did love it. Well this time I'm looking for a office position that has potential for promotion, etc...
While I'm still looking I need to take advantage of this time and hit the gym or either pop in good ole Billy Blanks. I will...I will....soon...very soon....