Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New You

Let this year 2007 be a complete new you. Although things may not change around you, change on how you perceive things..
Change the attitude, and have more hope.

Ok, so right b4 the clock struck 12, I was eating everything insight. Seriously, I was about to bust my spleen if I didn't slow down. I vowed this year that I will not be eating meats (just for a season). Please, it's really needful. All these years of pumping chemicals and unknown hormones in my body from chicken, red meat, and seafood, mannn my body needs the break. Today I started and honestly I don't miss the meats (so far). Yeah, yeah, I do have some weight I need to lose as well (don't we all). I have allowed the cares and pressure of the world over the last 3 years get to me and now I'm paying for it. Some people lose weight when they are stressin, but moi, HA, it's the total opposite.
2006 I kept an eye out on who was calling me. See this is the thing. I have A LOT of associates that I call every now and then, but they don't call me. Well, I'm tired of that because I want to know who are really my friends or who have some type of concern for me. I not carrying around dead weight anymore. So I told myself in the beginning of 2006 that whoever doesn't call me by Dec. 31 2006, I will no longer have them in my address book or I'll delete them from my cell phone (which isn't on, I just use it as a electronic add. book). However I did make all my calls like I usually do to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and that call was basically a "hint, hint I"m still living, call a sista sometimes, cuz I'm about to let you go." Well needless to say, my top ten fav. ppl did call me through out the year, I was happy. You know, sometimes you need a shift with the people you hang out with. I know the ones that didn't call me, well, it's like we no longer have the same interests or we just grew apart...usually I try to keep them around, but FOR WHAT?! You know. Besides I did pray to God that if anyone or relationship isn't good for me then cut it off. I need people around me who will help me in a positive way.

My mom's 60th birthday is the 13th of this month. My sisters and I are still trying to figure out what we are going to do, I hope we pull it together. Later on that.

Anyways I proclaim that this year will be wonderful and exciting with good things.