Saturday, January 6, 2007

I'm Tired

Boy I'm tired. Sleepy. Stomach feels weird. I think it's the stomach virus. I had my nephew over last night and his poop was irregular and it had that funny smell. Yeck! Yup, it's the virus, dang! I did spray Lysol around the house.
Things are going well with mom's birthday and all. Brandy called to confirm the making of the cake which was cool. My sis Marlette was a lil worried (which I didn't blame her) cuz she was saying, "you know how black people are" that's shame, but I totally understand you know. Marlette just wanted to know if she should buy a "back up" cake just if in case. I'll be picking up the cake 2night. Brandy was saying that they had a wedding to go to @3pm.
I plan on cutting all my hair off. That's right, all of it. It will be like Pam from Total, remember that singing group with Puff Daddy? Well I used to wear my hair like that when I lived in South Carolina and everyone was saying that I looked like Nia Long. I lie not, it felt good hearing that, I thought she was radiant. Cutting off the past, hurt, pain, memories, it can be a new me shining forth. I didn't want to but you know how the Lord prompts something on your heart. I'll know later He'll give me the full revelation of cutting off the hair. I also know that it's a sign of you either going through serious hard times OR you came out of that serious hard trials/tribulation. For me it's that I came OUT and it was with victory.
Ok, I decided to also not just do Pattie LaBelle, but also Stevie Wonder. I'll do him first. I'm going to wear a simple black blazer with a white shirt and black tie and have some shades on, hair slick back with a cane. I'll be singing to my mom "Isn't she lovely," and I'll be playing the harmonica. I'm still looking for one. We had like 5 laying around the house, and now I need it, I can't find it. I hate that. Anyway, after that I'll change into the Pattie La Belle attire and then I'll sing to my mom a Happy Birthday song, but first I'll start out singing "You are my Friend," then I'll end it with a Happy B-day song.