Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lady Reveals Herself

Sup all my bloggers. I hope everyone has been holding it down in whatever it is. I've been back to work and have been busier then ever. My boss is making sure that I take things very easy which is a blessing. Paperwork and answering phones is what I do (so far). Any event, I decided after being on this blog thing for over a year, I should reveal the person that has a lot to say behind the computer. I am and usually particular having pics on here (Blog), but you know....I have pics on Hi-5, Blackplanet (lol, remember that), and also on my college website. Ohhh, soooo, why not on Blog. Now you don't have to guess how I look, *wink*
This year I will finally be going to my college homecoming in South Carolina. It has been 8yrs since graduation and I still haven't gone. Baby daddy want to come with me, and at first I didn't want him too, but then I got the thinking...."hmmm, I don't wont to take that long 8 hour drive all by myself." Plus I can't have caffeine like that because of the medications I'm on. I don't want to take a detour to the hospital, lol....not cool. So, baby daddy it is, as far as him coming with me.
Children are doing great. School is almost out so I look forward for the break. Matter of fact, all summer I will be recruiting for my job. We have 35 slots open for 3-5 year olds and I'm praying we will be fully enrolled for the first day of school.
You know, I'm thinking about a career change. Teaching is what I'm thinking. Why? Cuz, I'll be off on summers and still get paid, off for the Christmas break, Easter, and all the other holidays, plus they get a raise every year. Guys, I want to enjoy my children. I don't want to be that parent that is always at work trying to make a dollar. Plus, I need breaks and being in the teaching profession, I will surely get that.
Life is short. Don't put it off for tomorrow when you can do it today. Follow your heart and always ask the holy spirit to lead you and guide you in all your ways, for only God knows His perfect will and plan that He has predestined for your life, not your momma, daddy, nor family or friends, but only GOD Almighty has it all map out. No more worrying, for He got you. Be at peace and rest in this season, because He is going to move you higher. In this shift, not everyone can come with you, so if God removes certain or several people in your life, then don't be dismay, let it go. He will send new friends who will help you and who know the true meaning of friendship.