Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's Next?

Aside from staying busy, tending to the kids, caring for hubby, dealing with this crazy job, trying to lose weight, trying to keep a cleaning regimen with the house work (I need a maid), trying to grow out my hair, still trying to clean out my closet, spending more then what I'm making, thinking about going back to school (but for what?), wishing I could buy my Mercedes or Bentley, wishing that we could move to GA or NC into a big nice home, trying to juggle my friends, wondering where are my male friends, and wondering what on earth (literally) is God going to do now in my life, I'm doing ok.

Guys, I have been so busy around here that I don't even remember how old I am. Seriously, I was asked by 2 ppl how old am I, and I actually had this puzzled look on my face because I truly didn't remember. All I could do was laugh and laugh harder...I honestly can't remember. I know they were probably thinking that I was about to lie, or I didn't want to reveal, but that wasn't the case....I couldn't remember. My answer to them was, "I think I'm 30, 31, or maybe even 32?" "You don't know how old you are?!" I would say, "I am so sorry, but I really don't know, but I can call my husband and ask."

I have decided that I will focus on my children next year. They are at that age where I need to have and keep them involved. Having an 11, 8, and 7 year old is no joke. I will have them in lessons and activies that I have been longing to put them in like, piano, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, computer class, and an entrepreneurship class. I refuse to have unmotivated dumb children. I want them to write their ideas and express their selves in a POSITIVE way.
I love Kimora Lee Simmons! I watch her Fabulous Life show all the time, even the repeats. You see how she involves her children in her work. Well, that's what I try to do with mines. You don't see that often. I want my children to know the game and play it well! Key point, have and keep your child involved!

Ok, I know it's been a hott minute with the update, sorry...just been busy. However, I just want to know what 2009 is going to hold for me. I hope it's not boring, stale, or predictable. I hope God allows me to get on His FUN roller coaster of life and allow me to get on as many times as I want without the WAIT!!! Do you think that is possible? I feel like I have waited long enough, so how much longer must I wait? I find myself starting not to care anymore about my wishes or desires. That's why I don't want to get my hopes up high just to be let down. So therefore I found a method for the madness which is to invest in my children and watch them grow. I will not focus on my desires, but I will make sure that my husband and I will care, nurture, and help them grow up to be awesome men and women of God.