Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can you believe that husband and I got pedicures this past Friday. It was something that I always wanted to experience. I would see other sista girls with their boyfriend/husband getting manicures or pedicures. At first I thought it was strange and wrong (don't ask), but as time went on, I felt as though it would be a good idea. I'm not to crazy about boyfriends and husbands in hair or nail salon. For one that's a woman's sanctuary. Secondly, we all know that you are going to get the conservative sister or the hoochie momma with her butt and breast hanging out when you are at any salon. I'm not to crazy about that. He's a man and will glace. Plus seems like other women start staring at your spouse/boyfriend. Anywho. We did it and it was wonderful. I had to warn my husband that the wait maybe long but to my surprise, after we signed in, they tended to us in 1o mins. WOW! That's a first. When I get my eyebrows, it seems like 30min wait or so.

Husband was a complete virgin to the whole pedi. I had so much fun laughing and teasing him. He didn't know how to work the massage chair, he was being clumsy taking off his shoes (guess he was nervous), and he kept asking me question as if he was getting a pap smear. Too cute. He did get through it. He was squirming when she scrubbed the bottom of his foot. He couldn't handle it at all. It was tickling him like crazy. He started screaming and we all laughed. Hubby was trying to 'man up' but I think that foot scrub got the best of him. I did introduce the whole staff of my fav/only nail salon to my hubby. They loved him and thought he was handsome. Cute!

I was surprise hubby and I chatted the whole time while getting pedicures. I thought we would have nothing to talk about, but we were chatting like high school girls. That was nice, especially after 12yrs of marriage. Other women were staring (of course), but it didn't bother me. Hubby and I just continue to laugh and chat up a storm.

I got my fav color, WHITE, like always. I was trying to convince hubby to get a nice clear polish, but he gave me the 'you know better' daddy look.

Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings which was a treat. Wasn't expecting that. We were going to go to the movies, but I had to get ready for work :o( dang 3rd shift!

Next day, why was hubby toe swollen. Yes people, swollen. He was complaining that it was hurting. It was red and sore looking. Well, I guess his country toes weren't used to being pedicured and clean up properly. Just messing. So I told him to stick with what he knows best. Peeling his own toe nails by hand.

On the good note. Hubby did see how soothing, relaxing, and enjoyable the experience was. So he said that he wants to put it in the budget. Yah! Thank God!