Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding Website

This is too cute. I have been watching everyone elses wedding website and I just recieve a note on Facebook of my cousin's T.J. wedding website.

I was too thrilled. He will be getting married to his true love March 6, 2010.

Now, as you all know, I am a Nigerian Wedding Website Junkie like no other. The colors, geles, music (I love the song Oloo Mi by Tosin Martins and No One Be Like You, lol), and the culture of everything is AMAZING! Nigerians put their all and all into it. From unique creative wedding cakes to spraying, I love it all.

However, because we (T.J. and I) are American, I can't expect that his wedding website will be the bomb. Americans don't have that flair and funk, but I have seen that we try to step our game up, but still no match with the Nigerians. No need to even compare my cousin's website to a Naija wedding website. It would be a disgrace, lol. However! On the other hand, it is the story that makes their wedding website special. How they met is truly God send and amazing! You all have to read this story. It seems as though God took T.J's hand and his this girfriend -to- be hand and literally put it together. That what makes this wedding website special.

God has something special for each and every one of you, don't give up. He also have many blessings for you on this journey of life. Receive by faith and don't allow the devil to steal your joy!

Check it out!

Lady A