Monday, December 7, 2009

Lady A Vloging?

I have had a youtube account since April of this year. The only reason why I started that acct was to comment on my favorite youtubers channel. That's all. It all started me youtubing music videos, then makeup tutorials (that's what really got me hyped), then front lace wig tutorials. It's like I was in heaven! I could spend countless hours watching makeup and wig application tutorials. So addictive.

Well, I ran across Ayteeaa vlog over the summer and her personality was just beautiful. She is truly someone special. Ayteeaa is actually the one who put a thought in my head of, "mmm, I should start vloging." But at that time, it was just a light thought.

As time went on, my girl Yankee Najia Chick started vloging from Blogville not too long ago. Omg! I loved it. She is such a doll and has the cutest voice ever. Just seeing her do her "thang" really got me hyped. Now the thought I always had now it's more of a 'need/want'. I wanted to comment her, but I forgot my user name and password. So of course I had to reopen my acct and I finally commented on her channel. From there I started setting up my page.

The question for me was "what was I going to vlog about?" I did't want to do hair, makeup because I really don't have all resources. I want to do something different, helpful, encouraging and useful for people all over the world (not saying fashion and beauty aren't, but I want something on a different scale). Ah Ha! After I prayed about it. It was crystal clear of what my channel was going to be about. INSPIRATION! Speaking words of life into the people's hearts. Wow, thanks God! People would always tell me that someone needs to hear my story, what I have to say, my life experiences. I agreed, but who and how? My pastor won't give me the mic, lol, I don't really know how to go about doing speaking engagements at conferences, so how? Youtube is how. So basically my youtube channel is a spin off of all my life experiences do's n don'ts and from all my blogs.

I might do an introduction today of my vlog on youtube. If so, I'll let you all know. However, I actually won't start vloging til next year. Just doing the intro of who I am and what my channel is going to be about.
So stay tuned lovely peoples!