Monday, December 14, 2009

Officially Closing This Blog "Breakthroughs On the Journey"

This may come as a surprise, heck, it surprised me too but I think it's time. Honestly I didn't think this day was ever going to come. I just knew I was going to blog for many years on my personal journey of life.

I can't explain it, but I just feel a new life, shift, and promoting to a different level of life coming, and it's time for me to move on from this personal blog. A blog sister of mines brought it to my attention that I should narrow down a couple of blogs (we had a conversation via email and I was saying how the blogs keep me too busy). I immediately knew she was right and I always wanted to, but didn't know when or which blog. Well, I feel now is the time.

This blog has helped me in so many ways. It was always therapeutic for me. I truly believe that this blog was to get me moving in many ways. I know this blog wasn't the "coolest, hottest" talking about fashion, makeup, celebrity gossip, drama, movies, or the latest whatever. I'm fine with that because this blog was for my own personal growth and I didn't know it til just now, crazy huh?

You see my subtitle, "FROM THE PIT TO THE PALACE". I was thinking that I wasn't at the palace yet, but right when I had that thought, the Lord revealed to me that I am at the PALACE, spiritually. Get it?

I was looking for materialistic progress, dream job, house, car, vacations, children well off in all areas, hubby and I getting what we want in life, etc....but it wasn't ever about that. It was about my walk with God through it ALL! My journey with Christ! The journey from despair, hopeless, confused, doubt, frustrated, bitter, unforgiveness in my heart, anger, and bondage, TO hope, peace, joy, faith, liberty, life, love, clarity, security, believing again, healing, etc... Wow, I just got that revelation! Thanks God!

God has used other bloggers many, many, many times to restore my faith and hope in promise. There were times I would read someone's blog and I knew God was speaking to me.

Yes, I will still be reading, commenting, and checking out other blogs.

Real friendships have blossomed from me blogging and I appreciate that. Every blogger has touched me in one way or another. Thanks and I love you all for that.

Oh before I forget, I managed 5 blogs, but now I narrowed them down to 3, so I'm still blogging. Also, I am working on a new project. I'm on YOUTUBE!!!! My channel is about inspiration. I'm still working on my page so bare with me. I only have 2 videos but will have more. Check me out @ or LadyA1Speaks

Special thanks to all my followers, silent followers, viewers, stalkers, and commentors. It's good to know that I wasn't alone on this journey. Someone was always reading.

It's time to say good-bye now. Thanks for making my experience a memorable one.

I love you all and may God bless you mightily in the year of 2010 and all the many years to come!