Friday, February 2, 2007

Busy Mama!

As you know I've started subing and I'm loving. The school district has been calling me almost everyday. The first group of kids at this one school were pretty rough, I'm lying, they were very rough. It was ridiculous! Guess what grade they are, kindergarten! Some were special needs, and it's sad to see that some were being neglected (not at the school) but home, you can tell. This one kid says that no one loves him, and neither does his mom. I'm very sure that not the case. His mom is a single parent working 2 jobs (to our knowledge) and he has 3 other siblings. He's the baby and of course he needs that attention from mom. It really made me check myself with my children. Do my kids ever feel that way? Heck, I know I do (not from my mom, but husband). So this week I have been really checking my relationship with my children. I make sure I listen to them when they are telling me something and not tune them out. I try to give extra hugs and tell them how special they are and that they are very smart and important. I don't want my children wanting or desperate for love. I want them to be full with mommy's love and attention. We as parents can get so caught up in the hype of life that we may tend to neglect our children, not on purpose of course. Same thing with spouse or love one. We tend to get so busy with the new business, job, networking, or whatever that "thing" is and we end up neglect them. My prayer is balance. Lord help me to balance my roles in life. A wife, mother, friend, teacher, counselor, cook, and a shopper (smile). Wearing those hats get out of order sometime, but again I pray for help and guidance in those areas. Hehehee, plenty of times when I was wearing the "friend" hat and my husband needed me to put on the "cook/chef" hat. It's all good.

Class starts next week Tuesday. I look forward to that. I'm okay over here. I guess there will come a time that I will discuss my personal life. Too complicated right now. However I will say this, I'm in transition and I have been released. From what? You ask. Well again, when the time comes I will give all you bloggers and readers a briefing of what's been going on in my life and marriage. Here's to new beginnings!

Oh yes! I'm suppose to be getting a makeover from head to toe this Saturday. I'm excited too. I can't wait. Yall just don't know, this is well needed. I have slipped, let myself go cuz of all the crap I was going through with my husband. Well this is a new Angie! I know who I am (now) and just because my hubby doesn't look or respect me as rare treasure that I am doesn't mean I have to look like trash, lol, right?! Ladies and Gents, I'm getting the works done. Fake lashes, eyebrows cleaned, nails, toes, unwanted hair, new cut or I may add extensions. This is my year! I vowed to myself that after I get this makeover done I will keep it up, by God's grace. Even though I'm not at the size I desire yet, I will still be one hot tamale!

I forgot. Did I tell you all about my interview up at Delaware State University? I don't even think I mention that they called me. Ok, well they did that Friday when I had my appointment for the school thing. I was in big shock and disbelief. I was so unprofessional on the phone. Mind you I have been putting in resumes at DSU for over a year and haven't heard anything til then. Clifford the Big Red Dog music was playing very loud in the back ground and I was responding to the guy with "yeahs" and "uh huhs". Why? Cuz, I was shock. When the guy asked was I still interested in the project assistant position, I just went deaf. I was so happy. They still had my resume on file, and called me to schedule an interview. God is good. So I did the interview and it went very well. Unfortunately there was some opposition going on at home with my husband (why does that happen when you are about to move to the next level?) That's my hint that I'm in God's will. The enemy tried to distract me but guess what, before the interview I sat in my car and prayed. Giving God thanks just for me having interview. Sure enough I went in for the interview and I was in total peace. I wasn't nervous not one bit. It was like I was home relaxing. That was God's peace. I think they really liked me although I haven't heard from them yet. We'll see. Bloggers and ransom readers have a wonderful weekend!