Saturday, February 10, 2007

Makeover becontinue Other things are at stake

I know, I know, it's been a while. So much, too much things have been going on. Well first the makeover went great. It was really fun and rejuvenating. Pam went over the basic essential for skin care and hair. Most of the products she was using were basic things like, mixing peroxide and baking soda to scrub your elbows and/or knees. That is just one of the many tricks she showed me. We did go to Philly to buy the hair (sorry Kwak:~o). Man! I mean old ladies, young, middle age where all trying on wigs and weave pieces. Everyone was rocking some type of weave. I thought it was funny. The things we women do for our glory. I don't mean any harm, but this one lady weave look like something you would find in your great grandmother's attic. I did my best not to stare, but my eyes kept gravitating to it. I was wondering what was her excuse. Myself could wear the heck out some weave, but I think she got me beat. It felt good to be treated nicely. The girl sat me in the chair and all I had to do was pick out all the half wigs that I liked. It was a lil embarrassing everyone standing around looking at me because they want to see how it's going to look as well. It was funny watching their facial expression. This one piece was not the answer, we all mumbled, "noooo". Pam brought another hair piece as well. I ended up getting two half wigs. Mind you these wigs look very natural. That was my main concern. I hate that big bee hive look, u know. So we finally get back to her house. By then we were tired, but we still did the face. Pam put the lashes on and I thought they were very cute. It really did bring out my eye. Wooo, I really look different, I think I look cute, lol. I was really impressed at the look with the hair, and eyes. So by then it was almost 12am and we are both beat. We are suppose to finish up later this month. Ok, so for the verdict! Everyone gave me 2 thumbs up. Really it was the hair and the lashes (I think so) that made a big difference. It's been a lil over a week now and last night I took off those lashes (the rest of them). I'll do the lashes for special events. For my lifestyle right now that's a bit too much, u know. Pam and I will continue this beauty saga and of course I'll let yall know the updates.

Delaware State University didn't call me for the job position. I wished they would have at least called a sister so that I would know and not jump every time the phone rang. It's all good. I'm still subing.

Marriage issues. Where do I even begin? This has been a long battle for years. The dumb thing is that I told my hubby that I have this blog spot and unfortunately he reads it. I really wanna say somethings but because I know he's reading it I really can't share everything. I'll just say this. I have been packing my children's things and mine. Enough is enough. When you are the abuser you don't reap the pain and hurt. I didn't plan on going so soon until one day I went to go in my basement and this negro had the nerve to lock the basement door. I don't have a key for this door. Most of my things were down there that I packed. Now why would he do that. Plus I was backed up on laundry and the washer/dryer were down there. OK, wait let me back up. My girlfriends were telling me that my husband was calling them harassing them about my "plans". The both were saying he was talking stupid, saying things like he's going to throw all my things out on the curb and leave me out in the cold. That's wicked, that is so evil and mean. More stupid stuff was said, but it's not even worth my typing energy. Another thing was that my best friend finally got to see my husband's TRUE COLORS. She couldn't believe his "real" side. I just laughed, I told her, see what I've been dealing with all these years and no one knew. I'm glad Zonnie saw the truth of what I was living with all these years. Basically I guess he thought that my friends knew where I was moving but they didn't. Heck, I didn't even know, but all I knew enough is enough. Ok, so called my mom and told her to clear out the room for me cuz I'm bringing our things over. My sister later came over and was looking at the basement door. I'm all dismayed and hurt that my hubby would do this and my sis shouted out, "give me a credit card!" Ohhhh yeahhh, I forgot about that trick! Honey, home girl worked that credit card and knife then shortly after the door popped open. We both yelled, "HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU JESUS!" It was funny but yet sad. My sis was telling me to get all my stuff (no duhhh). I sho nuff did. My bags were heavy and I was getting tired hauling all those boxes and bags up two flights of stairs. Sweat was running down my face along with the tears, it was crazy. It seems as though it was a movie. I was on the a time table. I needed to hurry up b4 he came home so he won't be trying to fight me (again). So I did it, all tired and exhausted. I was able to jot down some points that I wanted to discuss. I was hoping that we would be able to talk as adults and be at peace which each other. So I prayed b4 he came home that things would go smoothly and I will be able to show him the things that we need to agree on. I felt like I was doing a presentation. Checking off the points I wanted to go over, my heart was beating out my chest. Thank goodness I was able to go through all the things I wanted to, from the kids to child support, what the nay sayers may try to say etc... So anyway, the children and I will be living with my mom and dad until our apt. is ready. It's sad but all I have to say, after 10 years of marriage and you still doing your spouse wrong, when will it stop?! I guess because I kept forgiving him and taking him back he took it for granted. He's in for a rude awaking. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I don't regret this. If anything it should have been done earlier. One thing, I do believe it's all in God's timing. It's time.

On a lighter note. I thank God for bringing me through it all. It didn't make me bitter, but better. I have learned a lot of valuable lesson from this marriage and I thank God for the support and Godly people around me to help encourage me with the word of God. Here's to a new start, new journey, new life, new season, and new car, lol. Yeah, I know I may sound strong, but please, don't get it twisted, a sista is in pain over here, but I'll okay.