Monday, September 24, 2007

No Words Can Explain How Beautiful This Is!!!!

This is dedicated at all my wedding website lovers *wink*
Please read the story first.
Imagine......... thinking you are attending your brother's birthday party, just to find out your boyfriend has reserved ten (10) rooms @ the Ritz Carlton...Upon entering each room a special letter is being read by someone special (in your circle of friends/family). Please take notice to the detail of each room, different color roses and some are laced in gold (breath taking). I'm not sure how long it took this young man to prepare this surprise for her... But I'm very sure she was very pleased.This is off the charts and very romantic. Robert is a graduate of Southern University (Q-dog) and is now an accountant with Home Depot at their corporate office in Atlanta . My understanding is that he financially footed the bill for this weekend himself. It was not supplemented by his parents. I was told that he moved in with his sister for approx. 6mos. and saved the money to pay for the engagement ring and all of the bells and whistles for this very special evening.A radio station in ATL was playing the song in the slide show and described what he had done and some men called in saying they had to step their game up. It actually touched a few of them because they admitted they didn't respect women on the level that he respects her.

For the record, I did not write this story. I don't even know who to give the credit to. It was sent to me through an email as a fwd. Just wanted to make that clear.

Now for my input.....
All I can say is WOW!!! Do men like that really exist. How did he even get this vision. You know it was from God. Everything is symbolic. It makes me wonder how did he even come to something like this. He really values her and that is so special especially in these days. I pray that they will have a wonderful marriage. I am so happy for that sister. I pray he treats her right and is respectful to her. So ladies and men, I guess there is hope. For the record, there is always hope.