Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Did I Get Married?

I must say, this movie is a must see. I have to admit, when I heard the title, I was offended. Reading that question was like listening to a person who has many regrets, attitudes and hurt against what God ordained, marriages. However, when I watched and saw different previews, I realized that Tyler Perry wasn't putting down marriages. I was reading the title wrong. I was reading it in a regretful way. Try it, read the title in a more happy/appreciative way...."Why did I get Married?" Funny how we can say one thing in 5 different ways. We can say "close the door" in 5 ways. Anyway, I also realized that there was no "Madea" in this movie. The reason why I'm not crazy about Madea (Tyler Perry plays this part as a woman) is because it's cross dressing. In Deutermony it states that a man should not put on woman's garment and vice versa. When one cross dress, they are channeling attract those spirits. Totally against the word of God....anyway, that's another subject for another time.
I went to see this movie Saturday. I was on a hot date. Who was I dating? Myself, lol. It was just me, I treated myself and it was so wonderful that I will go to the movies by myself again.
Onto the movie, I loved all the characters, but more importantly it was real life drama issues that may creep up in marriages. Who reminded me of moi and the same drama issues was the character played by Jill Scott aka Sheila. OH MY GOSH, watching her was like watching ME. She was the one believing in God to heal the marriage BUT the husband didn't want to do or live right by her....sound familiar? He was sick of her being fat, forever complaing about her weight issues...sound familiar again? All I can say is that I saw a lot of me in her issues. Yeah, he divorce her, but the sweet thing was that someone was there to help her heal.....ok, in my case it was the Holy Spirit, not some good looking dude, lol. But this guy did lead and guide her righteously. The another character Angela will have y0u laughing. She is hilarious....please, just see the movie...don't boot leg it....
You know when you have allowed God to thoroughly heal you. You'll know because when you see or go back on memory lane on the matter, you feel no pain or hurt. You don't get that negative feeling. You don't even have the urge to cry or get just calm and have peace in you heart. I truly believe and know that God healed me from the hurtful issues in my marriage. I was able to watch this character Sheila go through the same abuse that I did and not hurt....I could relate, but I didn't hurt. That's awesome. Whatever you maybe hurting from no matter how traumatic, God can heal you, BUT you have to let Him do it all the way. Stop taking back the healing process, stop! Just keep releasing it even if it's everyday. Let God heal you all the way, it's worth it. NO MORE STUFFING your hurt, pain, regrets, shame. Loose it right now in Jesus Name and ask for forgiveness. Now ask God to fill you with His love. Man's love is conditional, but God's love is unconditional. So what if your daddy hurt you, your mama wasn't there for you...pls, your dad can't even answer why he did what he did, so STOP IT!!! And look to God to heal you, then you will get your answer that you have been waiting for years for.