Monday, November 16, 2009

Why can't my room stay clean. Does it ever end with the clothes, shoes, hair products, junk and such? Sometimes I think a bigger room with a huge walk in closet and organizer is the answer, and I still think that is the answer. Where on earth do I put all my handbags? I stash them on the top selve of my closet, under my bed, on the side of my dresser, behind my headboard and occasionally they might end up on my hubby's side of his closet, oopss, sorry honey. And my shoes. I'm a shoe freak. My own little fetish are SHOES. I have so many nice shoes and they are everywhere around my house!

It's really getting old and frustrating. Gosh! Why can't I have a closet space like Mariah, Paula, or Kimora Lee's?

Life isn't fair, lol!

Lady A