Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Love This Time Of Year!

You all just don't know how much I love the last few months of the year. Between the cold crisp air blowing in your face, the holiday decor you see in every store, people taking about who is coming to visit for the holidays and my fav holiday t.v. specials even cartoons, I love it all!!!
Money just can't buy the feeling of Christmas air. Just the hype of it all gets me excited. Wait, I'm not promoting commercialized Christmas, I'm not crazy about the focus being all on Santa Claus, trees, and gifts. However, I'm just sharing the love I feel during this time of year.

One of my absolute favorite are the Christmas lights downtown. OMG! So peaceful, pretty and just a wonderful experience. I feel like a child all over again.

I so encourage you all to surprise you spouse, fiance, girl/boyfriend on a night outing to see the Christmas lights in your area. Just tell them you all are going to take a ride. Stop by Dunkin Doughnut, Wawa, Starbucks, or whatever you guys like and order a hot drink for the ride. Have the Christmas music playing. I request Boys II Men White Christmas cd (omg! so soothing!) My fav song is 'Let It Snow', so beautiful! Have that quiet time with them. They will love it! Cheap inexpensive date yet so romantic.

So let's enjoy this holiday and remember Jesus is the reason for the season!