Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Blog Coming Soon

Golden Wives Club Coming Soon
I am happy to announce that a new blog I started will be open soon. I have been wanting to start a new blog for sometime but really never did. Actually I was suppose to do a fashion/make up blog since I delight myself in those areas, but as I was searching the web and blog world I truly think no one would be interested in mines. These girls got this fashion/make up/style blogs down to a science.
For this new blog, I didn't even have to think, lol. I got my inspiration from the years of being a wife. It started when I found out that one of my classmates from Facebook were engaged. So I wrote on her wall, "Congrats on the engagement, let me know the date so you can officially be in the Hot Wives Club, lol." Then it hit me...."Wives Club?!" Media, magazines, associations are always talking about how to be a mother, and single parent but not about wife hood or how to be a wife. Wow, that is something I did struggle with and had to learn on my own on how to be a wife!
I have been working on this blog since April and I'm almost done. Golden Wives Club is only for the married and the engaged (wedding date should be no longer then 1 1/2yr). I will be discussing real topics on being a wife. I'm thinking about making the blog site exclusive. I'm not sure if I want everyone to be reading for various let me know what you all suggest. If you fall in the category of single or married (male) then I do have Single or Married This is For You @
We wives and wives to be need to take our shoes off and let the hair down too.
So Stay Tuned!