Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Family and I went to Rehoboth Beach a couple of weekends ago. Of course we all had fun. Like always, I got the munchies and had a taste for some boardwalk fries. While hubby and the kids were on the bumper cars, I ran off and got a small tub of fries for me. A voice did say, "get the large," but I was thinking, "nahhh, we are not going to eat all those fries, plus it cost a little more and I'm going to want something else later." So I got the hot fries, sprinkled some salt and vinegar on them. When I turned around my family was looking at me with the biggest eyes ever. Even Mr. was moving quickly towards me and mumbling out something. I wasn't trying to be greedy or selfish, but I started eating, pulling out 3-4 fries at a time. My three kids and the Mr. were only doing 2-3 fries at a time, but it was the speed of how they were doing it, omg! Now it's a race and I was getting frustrated. Why? Guys, I'm still on this so called diet, and if you have ever been with a person who is having a "break" day from their diet, I'm sure you already know the unwritten rules:

1. Don't ever say, "I thought you were on a diet."
2. Don't ever say, "You don't need to eat that or I thought you're not suppose to eat that."
3. Let the person eat whatever without giving them dirty looks.
4. If you want to keep all your fingers, don't eat, or pick off their plate.
5. Do not ask unless they offer.

So you see where I'm at. Before I knew it, in a wink of any eye, ALL of my fries were gone and I wanted to cry. Everyone mouth was looking greasy except for mines. I only had a total of 6-8 fries. I'm hurting. It's not often we get boardwalk fries and since it was my "break" day, I really wanted to enjoy myself. If I had gotten a large tub, I would have been ok with the family dogging the fries. Oh well. One of my motto is, "let the children eat." So that's why I backed off after I saw them in attack mode. What was I thinking...a small tub of boardwalk fries for a family of 5?!
Never again.