Monday, May 4, 2009

My Road to Restoration

It's been 9 months since I moved back in with my husband and the marriage has been beautiful and genuine. I can only give God only all the credit in this whole deal. Since I'm finally now enjoying my harvest of a wonderful marriage, God is still (and will always be) working on me. There are some areas in me and my life that are being restored and only Christ can do this. Think it would be easy to just submit to God's perfect will for your life and trust Him? Not! But that's where I am and the more I allow Him access in the broken, detour, renovationed areas in my life, the more I am at liberty. After the battle of my marriage my self esteem, confidence, love, who I am, self worth, self value and hope, all got destroyed. But God being the restorer of my soul has given me new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new heart to want to love, new voice; my words are spoken with grace and not bitterness anymore. It's like a new day and I'm so enjoying this walk into restoration. I believe not only is God restored the marriage, but also my life events. I believe that whatever I didn't have, I will now have and enjoy it all the more. I feel like it will be bigger then what it could have been in the past.
I'm even taking much better care of myself physically...not talking about the weight loss, but keep up on my skin care etc...
Now that I'm taking a break from having a job...I can actually think and figure out what I want to do with my life, lol.
So you see I am a working masterpiece progress (so are you). It takes time be that person that God tends for you to be, but the key is not give up in the middle of your situation. I know the journey gets weary at times, but that's when you ask God for more grace to complete the race. Finish with excellence!
Whatever it is that needs to be restored, remember only Christ can do it...not money, man, or things...allow Jesus to restore all that the enemy stole from will get a seven fold of it back....get your harvest, you deserve it!