Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do or Die

Ok, I'm tired and fed up with this whole weight loss thing. I was so close to being out of the 200's (I was 3lbs away) and I messed it up with eating my moms cooking for Easter, stupid yeast rolls! Then it roller coaster from there. Next thing you know, I was eating everything is site. Ohhh meee! If I could have just stuck with the plan and stay focus I would be in the 190's, but ohhh nooo, I just had to be greedy and had the mentality of "one BIG plate is not going to hurt, I'm treating myself." Ok people, I'm going to go hard core with the diet. Summer is almost here and I want to be fierce and ready. I have been fat too long (every summer since 2005). I haven't been in a size 9/10-11/12 since Jesus rose from the dead, lol...

I have always been the chunky one in my family. Both my sister are slim. They don't ever stress about food, dieting, etc...they just eat right. Sometimes I wish I had their built, but this is what God gave me and I have to have discpline.

I did challenge one of my Facebook friends on the weight lost. She too is trying to lose the weight by June 5. I told her I was game and that I'll whip her butt. So now that I have competition, I should be well motivated!

I have 3 goal outfits that I can't wait to fit in. Yes, I will post pics when I reach my goal in these outfits too. I'm trying to figure out that if I lose a steady 3lbs a week then that will be a total of 21 pounds by June 5th. That will have me at 188 wearing a size 13/14 which is cool. I definitely want to be in that comfortable 11/12 by my birthday August 6th and before I start school. I don't need the stress of school and weight lost, too much, too much!

My hard core weight loss routinue will be:
1. No more treating myself with food
2. No more taking a break from eating healthy
3. No more making excuses of "I only live once" motto.
4. No sugary drinks or foods.

I want to be healthy and strong. I have 3 kids who keep me busy + a husband. I want to be and look fierce and hott. I want ppl to say, 'oh my, it doesn't look like you have kids, etc...' I don't ever want to have that "Mom" look regardless of my age.

That's why I love Kimore Lee Simmons. She stays on top of her game and she has children. We are about the same age too. She is such an inspriation.

I started yesterday so here I go. I will keep you all posted on the progress...that will be another motivational tool too. So here it goes!