Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"A Somali teenager arrived to face what are believed to be the first piracy charges in the United States in more than a century, smiling but saying nothing as he was led into a federal building under heavy guard.

Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, the sole surviving Somali pirate from the hostage-taking of an American ship captain, was to appear in a courtroom Tuesday on what were expected to be piracy and hostage-taking charges.

Handcuffed with a chain wrapped around his waist and about a dozen federal agents surrounding him, the slight teen seemed poised as he passed through the glare of dozens of news cameras in a drenching rainstorm. His left hand was heavily bandaged from the wound he suffered during the skirmish on the cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama."

This is so hurtful and has been bothering me since I found out that the authorities caught and will trial this teenage Somalian pirate. On one hand I was happy that they caught him, but in the same breath I was grieving. I know how we Americans can be and get when foreigners mess with our stuff or people. I know justice will be serve, but let's be's the behind the scenes things that we the public won't see done to this boy. Yes, he has family and love ones, let's keep that in mind. Yes, it was wrong for what he and his boys do/doing/did. So I just hope it will be a reasonable punishment for him, especially this being the first piracy charge in America. I don't even want him in the jail where the others are. We got knuckle heads in our prison system and when these American jail birds find out he will be among them, ohhhhh lorddddd, this poor kid is probably going to get jumped, shanked, raped, beaten and all other crazy stuff done to him for messing with our stuff. Come on! I'm sure you all heard what jail birds do to men who rape children, they get it worst. I pray he makes it out alive and get to see his family again.

But on the flip side of my father told me several months ago that when they (mom and dad) went on the cruise, they got word that one of the other cruise ships was discovered by pirates and that cruise ship had to get on the good foot so the pirates wouldn't catch up to them! NOW, that's scary! Imagine you are enjoying your vacation with your spouse and children and some pirates try and pull over your cruise line....mannnn, I would be scared and pissed off. You mean to tell me that I saved up family vacation money to get pulled over by pirates, tied up, and forsaken?! If I cursed, now would be the time you would be reading curse words, lol.

So as you see, I do want justice to be served, but in the same breath, I don't want us Americans (more so the jailbirds and psycho authorites) to kill him or torture him (I know they do that in other countries), but I hope we are better then that. (I'm not naive, I know that goes on here too.)

Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, and the people that will be around him while he is in the US will be in my prayers.