Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quality Time With Spouse

Ahhh, there is nothing like spending quiet moments with my husband. Kids are gone at grandma's. House is clean, laundry put away (I wish it would stay away), and I'm looking and smelling good, mmm....I find it sweet after all these years he is still pulling on me wanting a kiss. One of my fav quiet time with the hubby is when we go out to eat, rent a movie, come home to cuddle on the couch with our lounging clothes on. If the phone rings then "forget about it" (say that with an Italian accent, lol).
Smelling his cologne on his chest can be intoxicating and sometimes I may even fall asleep. It's soothing to me when my hubby's warm hands rub my back. It feels as though all the cares of the world doesn't even matter anymore.

It's the priceless moments in the relationship that matter. Not the flowers, mini shopping spree, I love you cards, ie...but it's the little things like him texting you an I love you message, I just called to say hi, supporting your dream/goal, or listening to you vent about your day/family/friends (even though he may tune you out, lol).
There have been times I took my hubby for granted. I had my 'wake up' call when he went to SC to his cousin's wedding. Simple things around the house almost didn't get done. Taking out the trash was one of them...when I heard them coming down the street, my youngest child and I were straggling down the steps in the rain trying to pull the heavy trash can. I admit, I did wait til the last minute. Mind you I wasn't dressed either. I know the garbage men were laughing at me when I was rushing out trying to catch them with night clothes still on. Other little things too, like car tires and getting the oil change..... Trust me, I'm as independant as they come, but I guess my hubby spoiled me in certain areas.
Yeah, I confess. Sometimes I do play 'damsel in distress' with him for the extra attention, lol, and it works too. Love it!