Monday, November 2, 2009

Respect The Wife

Husband and I went into Sam's Club the other day. If you don't know by now, he's a high school math teacher. Seems like everywhere we go, there is a current or former student that will scream out his name saying hello. This used to get on my nerves because I felt like I would be disrespected in a way. Female or male students, if they didn't acknowledge me, then I would have a chip on my shoulder. Especially when female students do it. They already look like they are 25 years old and act like 12 year olds. That's one reason why I like to always look the part when out with hubby. Hubby's students will look me up and down and I can tell they are judging hard. No room for error. I must be on point and give them something postive to talk about and plenty of times they have. Hubby will always come back with a report of what students said about me. It's funny how they will try and size me up.

Anyway, like always, several students where there at Sam's Club working or shopping. This one girl saw my husband from afar and hollered out, "HI MR. G!!!!" Regardless how many times it happens, it always get under my skin and bother me. Why? It's rude! So rude and disrespectful! People, especially the young generation don't take into consideration the spouse.
This girl was walking with maybe her mom and siblings. My husband smiled at her and waved back with a hello. Whatever!

So check this out. As hubby and I continued walking, the girl's mother turned around and came to me with the rest of her children. Mother said to me, "excuse me, are you his wife?" People, if you know my marriage past, then you already know what I was thinking. I blogged about the crap I went through in my marriage, if you don't know, then read later.

So when she asked that, I was like, "oooooo noooo, what now?!" "I thought this drama was over!" So when I replied to her, my voice was shaky. I said, "yes, I am." The mother looked at her daughter who is my husband's student and said to her, "This is Mr. G's wife, you respect her and acknowledge her as well!!" This mother said it with such authority, firmness, and strictly too. The daughter was a little embarrassed and apologize to me and dropped her head down. I told the mother that's how my mother is and thank you for that. WOW! It's about time someone said something. See when I did tell my hubby how I felt, he just brushed it off or thought I took it out of proportion or make excuses for them.

People like that still exists! Now only if the mother could teach that to all of the students, lol.
Seriously though, I feel like that's my husband's job to do. I shouldn't have to be guard dog and look like the mean insecure wife. Hubby should put his students in check, not me! He needs to let them know when they run to him in public and I'm with him, that they need to speak to me. It's respect. I have seen other husband's do it before, because it was done to me and from that day forward, I speak to the wife FIRST!

I wanted to tell hubby how I felt because it is an issue that always bothered me. I just try to ignore it but for the most part, I'll catch an attitude when the student want to talk an hour long about nothing. I'm thinking, "don't you see us trying to have quality time together?" Again, I blame my hubby because he needs to put his foot down. But knowing him, he'll probably say, "what am I suppose to do.....or I'm not going to push them away..." Blah, blah blahhhhhh.

For the record, I know these students may not mean any harm, but still, they need to learn and know. If hubby doesn't correct this ongoing behavior then they will continue without seeing anyting wrong with it. Real gentleman? Where? Somewhere, right?