Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Been tagged! 5 Nail Colors for Summer

Been tagged with nail color from YNC!

"List/Show 5 nail colors you love best this Summer and take a sexy picture on your blog with your manicured nails "Do it yourself, it doesn't have to be the professional, you can do it, if I can do it myself."

I have gotten a pedicure Friday, so maybe next time I'll do it myself. Sorry, wasn't trying to cheat. As you all can see I got the french with the cotton candy color. Subtle, classy, yet pretty.

Cotton Candy
Pure Ice Scandal
Mango Orange

So I don't have or know the brand name to all of them. But the Pure Ice Scandal is from Pure Ice and I got it from Walmart. The cotton candy (iridescent color) is from Sally's Beauty Supply Store (paid no more then $3), and rest of the colors were from the Asian Beauty Store and I paid .99 cents for all of them.

Sorry I couldn't post the pics of them. I don't know where all of my polishes are since I moved back with Mr.

My nail color is the same, cotton candy. You can't see it well, but I need a fill. Yes, I had to show you all the ring the Mr. brought me when we got back together, lol.

What are you top 5 Summer nail colors?! Let us know!