Monday, June 1, 2009

You been to one, you been to them all. I say this about lounges, clubs and the like. Went to a wonderful bridal shower this weekend and had tons of fun. Afterward the bride to be was letting us ladies know that we are going out to some club in NY for her bachorette party. Honestly, I really didn't want to go. Clubing for me ended in college. I would have been content watching the movie and her aunts play bingo. Bride to be demanded that I go because it was her night, her last night, lol. Ok, so now I'm excited because I did always wanted to go to a club in NY. You seen it on t.v., beautiful dressed people everywhere having fun at the party/lounge/club. VIP room is only for the exclusives. Even you might see a celeb or two. You know, the HYPE of being in NY is good enough for me. I couldn't wait to rate the ladies at the lounge on hair, clothes, shoes and accessories (you know you do that too, lol), and the brothers! I wanna see how these New Yorkers do it up close and personal!
No, I don't do clubs like that, but hey, this is a once in a lifetime for me, after all I'm in NY, right...let's do it big.

So we got dressed. The girls were teasing me saying I was overdressed. I was a little puzzled cuz I'm thinking, "heck, that's how yall New Yorkers do, right? Got in the club. Music was pumping, ladies were dancing harder then the men, the bouncer had huge muscles and we were checking out our surroundings. There was another group there that was at her shower, so we pretty much were all dancing, talking (more like yelling), and hanging together.
I'm observing and I'm thinking, "ok, so what's the hype about?" "Where is the hype?" It really wasn't even crowed I'm a bit confused, lol. Oh well. We did get a VIP room upstairs for the bride to be and I felt like that was the best part. We were able to dance and act like fools without anyone looking at us crazy. I started to get on the marble coffee table and dance, but with my 200lb self, I didn't think that was a good idea. Looking over the dancing crowd from upstairs was really cool.
Later the waitress brought up this cake for the group. I didn't want any because I had several servings of cake that day. It was my daughter's 12th birthday plus the bridal shower cake, so I'm good, right. One of the girls asked if I wanted any and I said no. She asked was I sure because it's Cake Man's Famous Red Velvet from NY. I always wanted to try his cake. I have seen him on tv and heard about how good his red velvet cake. Ladies and Gents, I tried the cake. It was beyond good. So good that I wanted to save a piece for my hubby. I was even looking for something to wrap up the cake in....foil someone? Ghetto!

Well to my surprise that lounge was no different then ones I been to in the past. The bride did say that she wanted to take us to any upscale club in NY. I'm going to hold her to it and when we go, you guys will get the 411 from me.