Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where Are You!

Is it just me, or have you ever lost a blogger and can't find them to save your life?
This has been happening to me lately all due to laziness. It only takes one click of the button to save the blogger or add them as a favorite. What's the problem?! This one particular girl left a comment and I went to her blog. Needless to say, I loved it and forgot to bookmark her. Well, several days pass by and I wanted to check out her blog again. I forgot her blog, site, where I saw her, etc... So now I'm in panic mode. I really want to follow her journey and now due to laziness again, I lost her. Now I'm on all of my blog roll trying to see if I recognize her name anywhere, somewhere, somebody HELP! I'm searching far and wide. I even put her name in the GOOGLE search hoping it will find her.

How many times will I put myself through this unnecessary drama? I've been blogging since 07 and I still find myself making the same mistake. She is not the only one I have lost.
Matter of fact, I'm still looking for this other blogger who's into fashion. I followed her for a while, but then life got busy. Forgot to bookmark her. I can't recall her name or anything! I bet she's wondering what happen to me?

Guess what. I was reading over certain material on the Single or Married Blog and decided to look at some of the old comments. Then the last comment I looked at appears to be the girl who I have been looking this her? So I click and viola! It's her! Kemi! All that time she was right under my nose on my blog! Don't I feel smart. You know what I did! Matter of fact, I put her on the blog roll with my other favorites.

I guess this is a start to being organized with the new bloggers I run into and want to keep.