Monday, July 6, 2009

Because I have been so busy I will open the Golden Wives Club blog just for the summer ONLY. So all are invited. Men, please feel free to leave a comment, we wives appreciate a man's point of view, so help us out. I really haven't been tending to my journey blog like I want due to this laptop, lol. I didn't weigh in yet and didn't want to because I have been pigging out and I feel so ashamed, lol. I back slided bloggers! However I will weigh in next Monday, hopefully then I would have redeemed myself.
Walking in love has certainly been a life long journey for me in this marriage. I wonder when people take their vows, do they really know what they are saying? Do you really know what you are committing yourself to. What if they change and not the person you married. You still have a promise to keep before God. What if you spouse has an addiction that you later find out about (not while courting) after years of marriage. Are you willing and prepared to deal with the hardship of it?
Just rambling. I promised God I will stick with my husband regardless. He has a certain issue that no wife would be proud of. I'm tired, but yet God's grace has always gotten me through. Some may say I'm stupid/foolish to still be with him. I understand, however my maturity level in Christ has given me the revelation of unconditional love. Marriage is not for the weak, the spiritually weak. You better know how to pray and warfare in the spiritual realm.
Do I still believe in fairy tale marriages, lol...honestly, YES! I understand that all marriages have their trying times. It's really up both parties to make it the best, wonderful marriage that God has design for it to be. Marriage is to be enjoyed! Sex is one of the gifts that God has created for the married...not just for making babies, but for PLEASURE. Kudos to God, lol! Love it!
Enjoy your week guys!

Lady A