Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Things I Learned From Marriage

Inspired by TemmyTayo

The things I have learned from marriage. I know there are more, but here are the ones

10. It's not about you.

9. It's not half you are suppose to be giving, it's 100. I used to have the 50/50 mentality.

8. Rice is not mandatory with every meal. My husband is from the south and so are my parents. Growing up, we ate rice everyday. I vowed I wouldn't have rice that often. To my surprise, I married a country boy who thinks rice is esstenial with every meal. HELP!

7. I realized that being single is the best status state when young. You can discover the world, go and do things at liberty. Unfortunately I discovered this after I got married.

6. We are one. My thoughts are his thoughts and vice versa. One time I went to the grocery store and brought several items. Later when he got off of work, he brought the very same items. We have done that many times. Crazy!

5. Being patience with my spouse. So many times I was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits! But God kept giving me grace and the want to be patience with husband. Afterall, isn't God patience with us? And how long has God been waiting on us.....yearrrsssss!

4. Marriage brought out the best and worst in me. There were things in me that I didn't even know, good and bad, but I'm much better.

3. I snap at my hubby sometimes out of past hurts. But I have gotten much better and barely snap at all...Yahhh, thank you Jesus!

2. Can't always get what you want, when you want it! Sex, money, shopping, traveling, affection, etc..., but when you get it, it is all the more special because it was long awaited for.

1. I didn't know marriage was so much hard work and it's a team effort! There is no "i" in TEAM.

Know after I publish this post, that's when all of others things I learned from marriage will pop in my head.
If you are married and would like to do this tag, please let me know, so I can read yours!