Wednesday, October 7, 2009

100th POST

This 100th blog post is dedicated to God and Kwaku!

I can't believe I reached my 100th post. I thought this day would never come! I started blogging in Jan. 2007 and now 3 years later I finally reached my 100th post. Yes, that long!

God, thank you for giving me grace and vision for all of the blogs you have placed in my heart. Lord, without your vision, I would have not been able to make this happen. I truly take delight in each one. I love you! It does my heart good when readers can take something from it and use it on their journey. I know how it feels when you have problems, issue or concern and no one can help or you don't want them to know. Thank you God for Blogging!

Secondly, I personally thank Kwaku for inspiring me to blog. Kwaku is like a brother to me. We met in the '' chat room years ago. What made Kwaku stand out from the rest was he invited me into his world with no hidden agenda. Later, he was put on by a friend to blog and he was trying to get me to blog also. I always declined, but was always reading his blogs and leaving comments. Because we no longer did the 'chat room thingy,' blogging was perfect because I was able to catch up with his life events on my own personal time. I even remember clearly the day he started his own photography business and met his wife. He was beyond happy and I was happy for him. I even had the privilege to speak with his sweet wife Jennifer. Before I forget, Kwak is the corporate of my wedding website fetish. All his fault. YUP! He started by letting me view his wedding photos and slide shows.

So, after Kwaku steady attempt to get me blogging (one year later), I finally did. He was actually my very first "follower". Matter of fact, he was my only follower for the longest. We stayed in touch via blogging, but as his life kept prospering with a new wife, new house, new baby, traveling to Ghana, business picking up, etc., Kwaku closed his blog. I was devastated!!!! He was pretty much the main reason why I started. How could he leave me in this cold Blogworld by myself. No one knew me and I don't know anyone in Blogville, but he did. So whoever left Kwaku a comment, I would go to their blog, read, and leave a comment. Long story short, Lady A was somewhat well known in Blogworld community.

Seasoned changed and so has my life. Looking back at the very first post, I can see that I have grown and healed from life's pain.When I first started blogging, I was using a dim, gloomy pictures which were pretty much representing how I felt. I didn't know it at the time. But as time went on, and me allowing God's healing process to take it's place, those gloomy pictures were being replaced with beautiful vibrant pictures.

As time went on, other blogs were born due to the inspiration of my life events. Single or Married, Recipes that Make You Go Mmmm, Words Of Inspiration, and the baby of the blogs, my favorite, Golden Wives Club! See what you did Kwaku, lol!

Quick shout: If you are in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area and looking for a professional photographer for any special occasions check out Kwaku's site, Simplicity Photos.

He had done a numerous amount of weddings and other special engagements.
Kwaku and I keep in contact via Facebook.
Personal THANK YOU to my husband for helping me out with the music for my blogs. Plenty of nights where I would need help finding the right song for a blog and my husband would deliver! Thanks for your patience when I would be blogging for hours. That is what your PS3 is for! Thank you babe, love you.

All who read my blogs, I personally thank each and everyone of you. Whether you leave a comment or not, THANK YOU! I pray a special blessing over each and everyone of you.
I write not for the comments or attention but for my own personal growth.

So what's next?! Stay tuned as I continue my way to the palace.

Love you all!

I'm still updating my blog page. Due to new template, all of my blog list was erased and I'm starting from scratch. I'm trying remember all....HELP!