Monday, October 19, 2009

Weigh In

Lol, check out my chip polish. I know, I nice, lol.

Man! You guys probably thought I fell off the wagon with this whole losing weight thing right?! Not! Playtime is over. Ok! Remember my last weigh in? It was exactly 200.lbs. Remember how I was whining and crying about being out of the 200' seem like I was stuck for a while. Readers, followers, commenter's, anonymous people, heheeeee, I'm now 188.8! I lost 12lbs!

Wait, wait. I know the scale says 189. Here is the deal. When I weighed myself first thing Sunday morning, the scale said 187.8, then I did it again but the next time it said 188.8. I was like, "Nooooo!" So I hopped on the scale again and it said 189.8! I hate digital scales sometimes! Each time I had the camera in my hand ready to take a pic, but because the camera is low on batteries, it kept shutting off!!!! So I was unable to take the pic of the scale saying 187! So when I tried again, the same thing happened, but the scale now said 188 and I was HOT! So why now I did it the third time, the stupid camera finally kept a little bit of juice and I took the pic, but only for the scale to say 189! I'm thinking that my readers are going to think I'm lying if I told them 187 with no proof, lol. So you know what, out of all those 3 different readings, I'm picking 188lbs although it says 189lbs. You lovely people do see that I'm out of the 200's FINALLY!

I can fit into my size 14 jeans! They are a little tight, but it's appropriate to still wear.

Guess what. I have started another blog, lol. I'm very sure this will be the very last one. This blog is about my weight loss journey from a size 20 to a size 9. I will have before and after pics, stats, eating tips (what helped me), and everything about ME! I should call it "All about Me" lol. I will be having pics of my target/goal outfits and so much more. Hopefully the blog will be done the end of this month. It's taking longer since I don't have a scanner home, but my sister does so I will be using hers. So stay tuned!

Alright, everyone enjoy your week!