Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can The Ghanaians Redeem Theirselves With the Wedding Websites?

I'm still disappointed in the Ghanaian wedding websites I saw. I know there are better ones out there somewhere in cyber space. Come on Ghana! You guys are the Motherland of Africa! Nigeria being the Fatherland of Africa is no match, but you all should at least be right behind them in the wedding website department. Ghanaians, take no offense, I was just hoping to see some awesome pics, stories and the tradition of it all. So I again, went searching and after being on my laptop for hours I only found 3 decent Ghanaian wedding websites. They are still no match with the Nigerians, but I guess it's sorta a start.
Why am I doing all know my addiction, wedding websites, lol.

Check them out:

If anyone know any Nigerian or Ghanaian, even Indian wedding websites, let me know!
Thanks in advance!