Friday, October 2, 2009

Ghanaian Wedding Websites

Remember a year (or 2) ago I was asking for Ghanaian wedding websites? Needless to say, I found it!
You know I'm going to share. I do remember a while back I found the site, but lost/forgot the site. Last night I did some searching again thanks to google and VIOLA! Got it!

My only complaint about these wedding websites are that they are cookie cutter. Meaning they are all the same format. The first picture is always the car. The story line is very short and not much detail, ie, "Boy meets girl at church, girl likes boy, they become friends and two years later they get married. The End." I enjoy seeing the preparation of the bride and other personal events, ie, bridal shower, engagement ceremony, etc... but they didn't show that (as if they had too, lol). Also, just about all of the pics didn't show the first kiss. They just hugged as if it is forbidden to kiss in the church or in front of others. I believe one did show them actually kissing and when they did, I was like, "ohh my gosh, they kissed!"
Well it just goes to show that everyone does it differently. I do have a question if someone can answer. Is it mandatory for the bride to wear those white gloves or wrist bands? I think all but one Ghanaian bride wore it!


Have a great weekend!

Lady A