Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy 1st Year Anniversary in America, Mersey!

Can't believe that time is already here. It's pretty much November!

Remember when I told you all about my co-worker Mersey from Cameroon. Novemeber 2nd will be exactly 1 whole year of her being in "America" as she would say. She let it known to us over and over and over, lol. That's cute. I have heard many stories of some of my friends journey from Africa to America. Man! I can't even imainge. Most of them were cultured shocked, lol. Adjusting to this American lifestyle can be challenging. Especially when others (Americans) don't understand the culutre so they revert to teasing and mocking. I remember when African students would come to our school. Oooooo! They got teased, stared at, laughed at and ignored, absolutely no love. I would hate that! And didn't understand why. I do rememeber someone saying, "what you don't understand, you mistreat." Something like that. So true. The name calling was a drag. I would cringe hearing that stupid offensive phrase, yup, everyone should know it, "african monkey booty scratcher". You would think it's the white people doing the name calling. NOPE, I'm so embrassed and ashamed that it's us, blacks, my head is down. Me being very shy, not having a strong personality and being in fear of getting beat up, I wouldn't say anything. But when I got older, my voice was heard loud and clear in the defense of my African sister or brother. The key for me was to turn the coarse joke back on them but worse to the point where the whole class would let out a big, "OOOOOOO", or they would start laughing at the bully. I thank my loud, ghetto, 'get-in-your-face', sassy mouth, don't give a d.... classmates for that. I was in 8th, and 9-10th grade at the time when boldness came over me, still shy, but bold. After situations like that would happen, then classmates would have a little respect to our non American classmates and would leave them alone. Why does it have to take all of that? Why is it when you put someone in their place, they now behave? Why did I get off the subject of Mersey?

Me being me. I felt that I should get her something special. I want Mersey to have as many good memories in America as she can. I have no clue what she went through getting here. I wanted it to be something she can use and cherish. So I got her a necklace with her name on it. I wanted to get her earrings too, but my funds wouldn't allow it, lol.
Peter who is like a brother to her or father figure (not really to be real) is also from Cameroon, and he told me that Mersey has been through a lot. He just kept saying, "people don't know what she has been through, that's why she acts out sometimes." YES people, this chick does act out like crazy! However, I look pass the questionable behavior and see what God sees.

I didn't know her personal whereabouts, but God knew. This was after I put the order in for her necklace. When he told me, I was all the more happy that I was getting the gift for her. It was like confirmation of what the Lord put on my heart to do. I also brought her a big chocolate candy bar (she loves dark chocolate), and I wanted to get her a calling card so she can call back home, but I haven't been to the African store yet. I did get her a heart felt card. When I read it in Wal-Mart, it was as if God was saying, "this is the card to get for her." I want Mersey to know that someone does care and love her. She's not alone in this 'America' and to know that God has an awesome plan for her life. I am proud that she went to school for nursing and finally after a year, found a nursing position 3 weeks ago! We thought she was going to leave the factory job, but she is going to stay a little longer to make extra money. When she told me that she got hired at the nursing home, I was jumping around hugging her. She was laughing the whole time. So proud of her. I want her to know that I see her as a sister and that she can always call me no matter what.
So there it is. I can't wait to give it to her. Actually, I want to give the gift now, but I'll wait on her anniversary, Nov. 2nd.