Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nigerian Fashion

Cross section of Iyas..gele....gele everywhere

Where do I even begin. When it comes to fashion, Nigerians are in my top 3 pick. Americans really haven't seen real fashion, styles, and flamboyant threads. I get upset sometimes because truth be told we (black Americans) were robbed from this. Really. We took on the Anglo-Saxons style/culture. Jeans, jeans, t-shirts and more jeans with sneakers. Oh, and if we are really feeling good, we'll bust out a suit. I feel robbed cuz when I see my fellow African sister wearing all these different attires, I thinking to myself teach me, show me, buy me some, and hook a sista up. I went to this one Nigerian wedding not knowing what to expect. I just knew it was going to be fun and different from the regular traditional american wedding. I was a bridesmaid and we all were wearing gold. Honestly, I just knew I was the bomb! I just knew I was doing it! Even my family was complimenting me. Hair (weave) was nice and wavy, very light make-up, accessories just right. So it's time for the wedding to start and all I can say is that I enjoyed looking at the guest more then I did the wedding. These Nigerians don't play, ok. I'm mean every color from under the rainbow. It was like being in the King's Palace. Geles, and aso-okes (I misspelled) from top to bottom. Man, I thought I was cute, but when I saw them I felt like a little servant girl begging for a crumb. They put me to shame. I was floored and very impressed! I even tried to buy such an attire from the "Chinese" shop (don't laugh, I didn't know any better), but it wasn't authentic, it was a generic cheesy looking replica. When I tried it on and came out of the dressing room, this one dude face was looking like, "what the heck?!" He even said to the Chinese store manager, "hey man! That don't even look right on her!" I was embarrassed (I'm giggling as I type). I looked like a fake Houdini. Oh well, I know I'll find the right people to sell me such goods.

Also at the wedding they were placing money on my girlfriend I believe it's called "spraying". Now that was really cool. She was laughing and I was trying to catch eye contact with her indicating "DON"T STOP DANCING!!!" "GET ALL THE MONEY YOU CAN GET GIRL!!!" She was tired of dancing (lazy american), and I was trying to root her on. Mannnn, dem Nigerians never did stop dancing, heck not even a water break. Once you on that dance floor it's either do or die. I was squatting half the time picking up the money from off the ground for her, me and 2 other girls, but they later left. I mean they were lined up to spray her and her new husband. After a while I was thinking, "why don't I just sit on the floor and pick up the money that way?" I didn't' want to get stomped on, so that plan was quickly erased. I had so much fun. Even the big boned women were dancing without breaking a sweat. They were dipping down to the ground with the HIGHEST heels on. I'm done! There is no excuse for me. I'm young. I need to practice. I never been so impressed in my life. I too was laughing and sweating like a pig. I had wads of money in my hand wishing it was mines (hehehee). I just knew my girl was going to give me a piece of the pie, but she didn't. It was her and her husband's special day.

When I got home, my feet were actually talking, more so crying. I didn't know feet could cry. That's how bad my feet were hurting. I had to walk on my heels and the next day my feet were just plain cramped up!

Here are some of my favorite pics of Nigerian fashion. However I'm not to crazy about the Peter Pan looking hat, but it's still HOTT!